3 Brothers charged with Honor Killing in Germany

by Infidelesto on May 3, 2008 · 7 comments

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One boy said, “She only had herself to blame,” while another insisted, “She deserved what she got. The whore lived like a German.


The shots came from nowhere and within minutes the young Turkish mother standing at the Berlin bus stop was dead. A telephone call from a relative had brought her to this cold, unforgiving place. She thought she would only be gone for a few minutes and wore a light jacket in the freezing February wind. She had left her five-year-old son asleep in his bed. He awoke looking for his mother, who, like many Turkish women in Germany, harbored a secret life of fear, courage and, ultimately, grief. Now her little boy has his own tragedy to bear: His mother, Hatin Surucu, was not the victim of random violence, but likely died at the hands of her own family in what is known as an “honor killing.”

Hatin’s crime, it appears, was the desire to lead a normal life in her family’s adopted land. The vivacious 23-year-old beauty, who was raised in Berlin, divorced the Turkish cousin she was forced to marry at age 16. She also discarded her Islamic head scarf, enrolled in a technical school where she was training to become an electrician and began dating German men. For her family, such behavior represented the ultimate shame — the embrace of “corrupt” Western ways. Days after the crime, police arrested her three brothers, ages 25, 24 and 18. The youngest of the three allegedly bragged to his girlfriend about the Feb. 7 killing. At her funeral, Hakin’s Turkish-Kurdish parents draped their only daughter’s casket in verses from the Koran and buried her according to Muslim tradition. Absent of course, were the brothers, who were in jail…

Currently, six boys are serving time in Berlin’s juvenile prison for honor killings.

When the murder first happened, it sent no shock waves through the mainstream German press. It only became big news when a group of 14-year-old Turkish boys mocked Hatin during a class discussion at a school near the crime scene. One boy said, “She only had herself to blame,” while another insisted, “She deserved what she got. The whore lived like a German.”

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  • Greg

    The limp-dicked German courts will probably give those boys a 6-month suspended sentence.
    ….Because they couldn’t find the guns….. or some such sh*t.
    Why do you muslim girls fall for this sh*t? You know about honor killings. Why do you sucker for such phone calls?

  • r.k.j.

    In the heat of the moment, it’s perfectly reasonable to unload four bullets into another human being–but not to lie to one. That’s how it works in Texas, according to this article from CNN:

    “… Darrell Roberson came home from a late-night card game to find his scantily clad wife with another man in a pickup in the driveway. Tracy Roberson was with her lover but cried rape, and her husband fired four shots into the truck as Devin LaSalle drove off, killing him.”

    The wife was convicted Friday of involuntary manslaughter, and faces up to 20 years in prison.

    All charges against the jealous husband who pulled the trigger were dropped!

    On what legal grounds is this possible?

    Temporary insanity? Heat of the moment?

    Seriously, where are we? In a frat house?

    yeah.. a world wide “frathouse”

    more guns anyone? it is all about the “freedom”, family “values” and

    “the children”….. it would be nice to think that the U.S. is some better example of “civilization” but perhaps this is now just a myth.

    A frathouse of privacy invasion as led by those scared and insecure little boys
    who would call themselves men… and also those women who desperately want to keep some angellic stances to preserve “status” in the frathouse worlds.

  • Selim

    I just want to clarify a few things here. This news article made it sound like these people were Turkish and this was a Turkish tradition. These people are Kurdish, this is a Kurdish tradition not Islam or Turkish. If you look at all this Honor Killing news and look at their ethnic identity, you will see that they are all Kurdish. Unfortunately Turks get the blame and negative publicity because of these uncivilized animals.
    Thank you

  • Storm-Rider
  • Rudy


    Selim is simply peddling taqiyya like a good muslim should. The scourge of the Earth today is islam. The United States Military is the cleaning crew :D

  • Storm-Rider


    The case of theTexan who shot another man whom he believed to be raping his wife is in no way the equivalent of murdering a woman who has done nothing wrong.

    If you have a problem with men defending their wives from rape – then you have a problem with our founding fathers who wrote the second amendment to our Constitution – the second act of our Bill of Rights.

    The American Bill of Rights – that is the legal grounds you are looking for – it is there that you will find the right of a man to bear arms and defend his life and defend his wife from rape or murder. Without the second amendment American liberty and security will cease to exist because the right to life outlined in our Declaration of Independence depends on the right to defend life outlined in our Bill of Rights. Make no mistake – a man defending his wife on his own property from a rapist is defense of life. A man’s home is his castle – not his frathouse as you have falsely stated.

    The wife is guilty because she deceived her husband into the false belief that a rape was occurring. The man is not guilty because he was defending his wife from a man who was having sex with his wife as she was crying “rape.”

    To get this right in your head some wisdom is required – a moral understanding of right and wrong – intelligence is not good enough by its self.

    I mock your mockery of “values.”

  • http://www.reformislam.org Muslims Against Sharia

    The STOP HONORCIDE! campaign was launched on Mother’s Day 2008. The goal of the campaign is to prosecute honorcides to the fullest extent of the law. We want honorcide to be classified as a hate crime and we advocate for every existing hate crime legislation to be amended to include honorcide.