Afghan Kidnapper Admits Killing German Engineer

by Kal El on May 4, 2008 · 1 comment

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The killing in Afghanistan of German engineer Rüdiger Diedrich was a “misunderstanding,” Taliban commander Mullah Nissam has told SPIEGEL. His group has used the ransom money supplied by the German government to better arm itself.

The Afghan kidnapper who took two German engineers hostage (more…) has admitted for the first time that his men shot and killed Rüdiger Diedrich, who had been sick with heart disease, during a march into the mountains last summer.

Nissam Udin, the head of the band of criminals that kidnapped the men, described the killing of the German as the product of a misunderstanding. “He collapsed every time he walked for 10 minutes. We didn’t understand his situation,” Nissam said in an interview with SPIEGEL. Two of his fighters, he said, “two inexperienced friends,” misunderstood Diedrich, who he claims spoke several times of his suffering. “Our friends thought he was begging them to ‘shoot me,’ ‘shoot me’.”

Yes I am certain, it was 100% a misunderstanding that terrorists TARGETED, kidnapped, and executed a CIVILIAN. Yet another example of islam doing what it does best.

The full story is available at Der Spiegel

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  • Humbled Infidel

    murder – misunderstanding = NOT