Al-Qa'eda training children as suicide bombers

by Kal El on May 20, 2008 · 2 comments

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Another depraved act of desperation on the part of jihadists.

Militants linked to al-Qa’eda have set up training camps in Pakistan to teach children how to conduct suicide attacks.

The Pakistani army claimed today to have overrun one such camp in territory where the notorious Pakistani Taliban commander, Baitullah Mehsud, operates.

Militants had transformed a government-run school near the village of Spinkai in South Waziristan into what one officer described as a “nursery for preparing suicide bombers”.

The school was part of a large compound above the village that included a small mosque.

Maj Gen Tariq Khan, the commander of the division that captured the area, said: “It was like factory that had been recruiting nine to 12-year-old boys and turning them into suicide bombers.”

He told the Dawn newspaper that at another location military investigators found film footage on a DVD that they believed depicts children at the school being taught suicide training.

The footage, which was shown to journalists, contained images of a masked teacher instructing rows of schoolchildren who wore white headbands inscribed with Quranic verses.

The teacher pointed at the blackboard while an armed guard stood alongside and discussed what to carry in a suicide attack.

Maj Gen Athar Abbas, the army’s chief spokesman, said that the school and a hospital had been taken over by militants “to prepare children for suicide attacks and for making IEDS [improvised explosive devices]”.

The general said that during operations in the area soldiers had rounded up over 50 boys who were undergoing suicide attack training.

He said that many of the boys had been kidnapped. Most of them were from the ethnic Pushtun belt of the North West Frontier Province and that some were locals from South Waziristan.

So the terrorists have resorted to outright kidnapping of CHILDREN to swell their numbers. While this is absolutely deplorable, it does reveal the growing desperation they face, and a likely shortage of people willing to blow themselves up.

Read more about this latest barbaric atrocity in the Telegraph.

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  • Jeff

    Too hell with “Democracy in the Middle East” wipe our enemies out with the same
    passion that our enemies want us dead. What kind of a world are we living in
    when we let these vermin scum infest our lands ? What is Mr.Bush doing bringing these
    people into America ? Look at Europe, 90 percent of Muslims get welfare, and breed
    OFFICE AND THE PEOPLE THAT WANT US DEAD. If not, our children and grandchildren will suffer . If any one believes sharia law will replace the Constitution, your dead wrong, and I do mean DEAD WRONG. I’m blasted fed up. Day after day I get comments and email “We will take over Rome”. The only way islam will take over Rome is in body bags. Take your religion and SHOVE IT. Sick , perverted 7th century throwbacks doing this to children should be shot. That’s my opinion, and mine only. This website is not responsible for a word I texted. If you don’t like it, drop dead.


  • Andrew

    Have any of you heard of Act for America headed by Brigitte Gabriel? Her email/newsletter is great and she’s also started a petition to have American mosques investigated. Here’s the link to sign up: