Australian Soldier's Father Praises The USA

by Kal El on May 5, 2008 · 0 comments

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From an Australian whose son is in Iraq

This is a GREAT letter from an Australian Soldier to his father, singing OUR Troops’ praises for their bravery and dedication to the mission.


I am an Australian and my son is an Australian – as far as we are concerned there is not place on
God’s earth better than Australia, and there are no people better than Australians.

That was until the past week or so.

My son is in the Australian Army and he is currently on deployment in Iraq. I can not go into his duties in great depth, but shall we say that he and his fellow army buddies are on a glorified guard duty looking after the Australian Embassy. They don’t go out looking for “action”, though it is a different story in Afghanistan, there the Aussie troops chase the baddies over the hills and into the valleys..

My son and I just ended a long ‘phone conversation and here are some of his comments, believe me this is what he said. We have all seen the bullshit emails written by some clown in his lounge room
pretending to be at the coal face, but this is what was said.:

“Before I came over here I thought we (the Australian Army ) were pretty shit hot….. was I ever wrong! ….The Yanks (I hope you don’t mind me using that word) are so professional from the top to the bottom that it is almost embarrassing to be in their company, and to call yourself a soldier….don’t get me wrong, we are good at what we do but the Yanks are so much better…..they are complete at what they do, how they do it and their attitude is awesome….they don’t complain they just get on with the job and they do it right….. I carry a Minimi (SAW) so I am not real worried about a confrontation but, I tell you, I feel safer just knowing that the US Army is close by….

I feel an even greater sense of gratitude for being an American, when I read stuff like this where someone in another country doesn’t suffer from BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrom) or RCIS (Rectal-Cranial Inversion) and actually appreciates the GOOD that the United States does.

Read the letter in its entirety from his son over at Brigade America.

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