Bin Laden lashes out at Arab leaders

by Kal El on May 18, 2008 · 5 comments

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In his latest tape to be released, Osama bin Laden has called for all out jihad to liberate “palestine” from Israel. This is just another attempt to shore up support for a failing al Qaeda in Iraq, which has been bested by the United States Armed Forces, and is being hunted and exterminated by the fledgling and improving Iraqi Armed Forces.

CAIRO, Egypt – Osama bin Laden released a new message on Sunday denouncing Arab leaders for sacrificing the Palestinians and saying the head of the Shiite militant group Hezbollah did not really have the strength to take on Israel.

In his second audio message in three days focusing on the Palestinians, the al-Qaida leader said the only way to liberate Palestine is to fight the Arab regimes that are protecting Israel. And he called on Muslim militants in Egypt to help break the blockade of Gaza.

Bin Laden said Muslims should ignore the Islamic prohibition against raising arms against fellow Muslims, claiming it was legitimate to rise up against leaders who are not governing according to Islamic law. Those leaders, he said, came to power “either by a military coup or with backing from foreign forces.”

“Those (Arab) kings and leaders sacrificed Palestine and Al-Aqsa to keep their crowns,” bin Laden said, referring to Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, one of Islam’s holiest sites. “But we will not be relieved of this responsibility.”

His 22-minute audiotape was posted on an Islamic militant Web site where al-Qaida leaders have issued past statements. The voice sounded like bin Laden’s, although the authenticity of the tape could not be independently verified.

Bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahri frequently attack Arab leaders as traitors and sellouts. But they are increasingly focusing on the Palestinian issue in recent messages, aiming to increase their appeal to an Arab public widely sympathetic to the Palestinian plight.

Bin Laden’s last audio message, released Friday to mark the 60th anniversary of Israel’s establishment, vowed to continue what he called al-Qaida’s struggle against the Jewish state.

With his denunciation of Arab leaders, bin Laden portrayed himself as the true defender of the Palestinian cause.

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  • kevin

    No one’s stopping OBL from strapping on the suicide belt.

  • jen tha rednek

    OBL has to use a dialysis machine due to renal failure. I figure that’s why he doesn’t “jihad” it up too much….but if he has to use dialysis or perish…why is it so hard to find the man responsible for the Sept 11 attacks???? Can we get the commander-in-chief to explain why a man with renal failure can’t be located by the US military!!


      there you go again [ osama ] is NOT responsible for 9/11..yes he vtakes the credit to inspire others…but he did not do it, STOP, think, if osama could do that to the usa..he has had enough time to do worse to many less well protected countries, dont believe me…ok, but think, use your own brain, he and his followers are muslims who hate lots of other muslim countries,,,,be honest, no language or race barriers and no where in the world have they managed to top this….because they cannot top , or match something they never did in the first place?? it was real military planning that did 9/11… was carried out by a country with real military power…not a few ragheads as the prince would say……WAKE UP.

  • http://www, carolyne

    Is Obama going to sit down with his brother Osama over tea and crumpets and smoke crack in a peace pipe? Why not, just about as smart as any thing else he has said lately. I’m sure Obama is going to bring world peace??? Hell-OOOO! I know one thing, he won’t be in the United States much if he talks with all the enemies of America and Israel, that will keep him out of our hair for a while. But wait, who will run the show while he is cooking up the FAKE peace talks? Three evil guesses, Michelle, Wright, and Ayers – NO NO NO! people. Lord help!!!!

  • ender

    they have been attacking in smaller numbers as they are busy trying to survive the US military hunting them in the middle east. Hard to plan things when your top guys are dead or in prison. Besides, they also realized to do big attacks may actually wake more people up to their danger, so keep it small and try to build numbers of jihadists.

    Stuff like train and subway bombings, the India attack, use a few fighters and gauge the response of the local authorities and the media. But do something big and piss off the world, like going nuclear, then people would be awake and everything they have achieved in this "silent jihad-of immigration" would come crumbling down as the West starts to deport and kill this thorn in their side.

    they are not stupid, they lost support in Iraq when the locals realized that achmeds bomb killed 1 American but 20 of their own kids and family. So they stop and go back to the planning stages (9/11 planning started in 1993-Phillipino police found plans for just that kind of an attack, the FBI ignored it and said "who would be crazy enough to fly planes in to buildings?" guess they never heard of kamikazie pilots before.)