Boris Johnson deals a blow to terrorists living in London

by Kal El on May 5, 2008 · 0 comments

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This is a follow up on the recent victory by a Conservative politician in London, who despite attacks by muslim (read: terrorist enabler) groups (not to lump all muslims in with them, because that would be unfair. There are many muslims who want nothing to do with terror. They usually convert to Christianity once they know they won’t face a death sentence for apostacy) against his character, as well as being labeled an islamophobe, won a great political victory over the dhimmi Ken Livingstone.

Boris Johnson defeated Islamic extremists as well as Ken Livingstone

This result isn’t just a wonderful victory for Boris and the termination of Livingstone. It’s also a defeat for the campaign – an exceptionally dirty one, at that – waged against Boris by a small band of separatists claiming to act in the name of all London’s Muslims. The effects of Boris’ win will be felt not only in the capital, but nationwide – and they’re worth probing in detail.

This campaign’s aim was to attack Boris as an Islamophobe; swing Muslim voters unanimously behind Livingstone; deliver the election for him; emerge, thereby, as a leading force in British Islam, and thus send an uncompromising message to the main political parties – follow our line, or there’ll be electoral consequences.

Its first shots were fired in January, when it was claimed that over fifty Islamic organisations in London had written to the Guardian endorsing Livingstone. (It later emerged that some of the letter’s signatories had written only in a “personal capacity”.) Its final salvo was the desperate advert, placed recently in the London Bengali paper “Janomot”, implying that Boris, as Mayor, would ban the Koran.

So who was behind this advert, and the campaign as a whole? It was produced by a group called the British Muslim Initiative (BMI). BMI’s website contains a section headed “About Us”. Readers who click on it will learn that the organisation was “formed by justice, peace and human rights campaigners”.

Read the rest on the Canada Free Press site

Human rights campaigners???? That is bad comedy. Look at any of the barbaric acts in Iran perpetrated against women (beaten for not covering their hair), Iraq (beheaded for dressing in Western fashion), Afghanistan (Taliban blow up girls’ schools, with students in them), and in Saudi Barbaria (school girls were not allowed to evacuate a burning school because they did not have head scarves. Instead, they were sentenced to a burning death. All in the name of islam) The only peace in islam is the peace that will exist if they succeed in killing, converting or subjugating all non-muslims. As for justice, how just is it when a woman is raped, then jailed for adultery?

Personally, I think being called an islamophobe is akin to being labeled a smart, thinking person. I myself am an islamophobe. I am afraid of being maimed by some nutjob muslim with a bomb strapped to his chest. I am afraid of a car-bomb going off when I am in downtown Beirut. I am afraid of a terrorist with a backpack bomb blowing up a subway station. But that is just me.

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