Chavez Tells Colombia Building U.S. Military Base On Border Would Be Act of 'Aggression'

by Kal El on May 15, 2008 · 0 comments

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Hahahahaha little commie Hugo is scared. Good riddance, that piece of filth SHOULD be afraid.

CARACAS, Venezuela — President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday warned Colombia not to allow a U.S. military base on its border with Venezuela, saying he would consider such an act an “aggression.”

Chavez said he would not permit Colombia’s U.S.-backed government to establish an American military base in La Guajira, a region spanning northeastern Colombia and northwestern Venezuela.

The Venezuelan leader said if Colombia allows the base, his government will revive a decades-old territorial conflict and stake a claim to the entire region.

“We will not allow the Colombian government to give La Guajira to the empire,” Chavez said, referring to the U.S. during a speech to a packed auditorium of uniformed soldiers. “Colombia is launching a threat of war at us.”

He said Washington’s top diplomat in Bogota, U.S. Ambassador William Brownfield, recently suggested that a U.S. military base in Ecuador could be moved to La Guajira.

Chavez urged his Colombian counterpart, Alvaro Uribe, to “think it over well” before making such a decision because Venezuela will do “whatever it takes” to ensure that a U.S. military base is not built on the peninsula in the Caribbean Sea.

So commie dictator Chavez claims the US is an Empire, while he is trying to dictate to another country’s government that it can’t do business with the US. You have to be prettydeluded to accuse the US of imperialism while you threaten a country you share a border with.

I feel a great deal of pity for the Venezuelan people, who are being held hostage by a tyrant.

This article is available in its entirety on FOXNews.

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