Dhimwit UK Reporter Outraged At Guantanamo Bay's Gift Shop Selling Souvenirs

by Kal El on May 7, 2008 · 4 comments

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Ummm, I thought the sole purpose of a gift shop IS SELLING SOUVENIRS…

Leftist Angela Levin writes for the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom. While she is a completely dhimmified moron, the article does have a photo of an adorable kid wearing a souvenir shirt.

Greetings from Guantanamo Bay … and the sickest souvenir shop in the world

The sands are white, the sea laps gently and crowds of bronzed Americans laze in the Caribbean sunshine.

They have a cinema, a golf course and, naturally, a gift shop stocked with mugs, jaunty T-shirts and racks of postcards showing perfect sunsets and bright green iguanas.

Only the barbed wire decoration, a recurring motif, hints at anything wrong.

Welcome to “Taliban Towers” at Guantanamo Bay, the most ghoulishly distasteful tourist destination on the planet.

As these astonishing mementoes show, the US authorities are promoting the world’s most notorious prison camp as a cheap hideaway for American sunseekers – a revelation that has drawn international anger and condemnation.

Just yards from the shelves of specially branded mugs and cuddly toys, nearly 300 “enemy combatants” lie sweltering in a waking nightmare.

Aww are the terrorists being made to suffer??? Well, Jimmy crack corn, and I DON’T CARE. In fact I wish the soldiers would stop wasting taxpayer dollars feeding them, giving them medical care, and just feed them to the sharks. But that would be cruel to the sharks.

It is six years since foreign prisoners, many captured in Afghanistan, were first taken to this US-occupied corner of Cuba. Yet even now, no charges have been brought against them.

While the detainees lie incarcerated, visitors can windsurf, take boat trips and go fishing for grouper, tuna, red snapper and swordfish.

The United States’ 1.5million service personnel and Guantanamo’s 3,000 construction workers are eligible to visit the “resort”, which boasts a McDonald’s, KFC and a bowling alley.

They even have a Wal-Mart supermarket.

The vacation comes at a knock-down price: just $42 (£20) per night for a suite of air-conditioned rooms, including a kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedrooms.

But it is the souvenirs that have led to the greatest criticism. One T-shirt from the gift shop is decorated with a guard tower and barbed wire. It reads: “The Taliban Towers at Guantanamo Bay, the Caribbean’s Newest 5-star Resort.”

Another praises “the proud protectors of freedom”. A third displays a garish picture of an iguana and states: “Greetings from paradise GTMO resort and spa fun in the Cuban sun.”

Newsbusters goes on to expose her propagandist lies (I will not insult actual journalists by giving her the respect of calling her “journalist”) about the alleged Guantanamo Wal-Mart.

Freedom lovers and those that want ALL TERRORISTS killed dead can order your Gitmo Gear here.

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  • veronica

    The mail likes to pose as a right wing newspaper, Well apparently in ww2 it was more than a little friendly with the Nazi regime.
    The mail wants to sell it’s rag beating up America is fair game nowadays, they can’t offend the muslims by order of the EUSSR can they?
    Better the American way than the British, where we have to support terrorists his wife and progs keeping them in comfort for the rest of their lives!
    Most Brits would favour a quick tour in a jet with an Atlantic drop off point!
    Old age pensioners struggle to keep warm on their pittance, while terrorists are paid thousands of pounds a year.
    Wrap a terrorist up, post him off to the Mail lets just see how long their sympathy last’s!

  • Rudy

    You know, we could always put them up at the Guantanamo Bay Resort :)

  • Dave

    You guys are sick. Guantanamo Bay is a cess pit of evil and corruption, where fat headed American Assholes think they can get away with flaunting just about every human right and every clause of the Geneva Convention. The recent “trial” of Salim Hamdan exemplifies this beautifully

  • Storm-Rider

    Dave, you are sick because you can’t tell evil from good; or you prefer evil to good. These Islamo-Fascist terrorists are the enemies of our sacred rights to life and liberty in America, and you are giving them aid and comfort.

    Terrorists are evil murderers, and they have no legal rights other than what is meted out to them by military justice – they have no rights under the Geneva Convention and no rights under our Constitution. At a minimum terrorists captured in battle should work at hard labor or sit in a cage for the duration of this World War against Islamo-Fascism. Since this will be a multi-generational war; theirs is likely to be, and should be a life sentence. If any are convicted of murder in a military court, they should be shot by firing squad.