German leftists harrass Christian Youth Festival

by Kal El on May 7, 2008 · 2 comments

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Leftists disrupt Christian youth festival in Bremen

A traditional Christian youth festival in Germany faced unprecedented disruptions by leftists who hacked the gathering’s website, interrupted speeches and threw beer bottles at visitors, organizers said on Tuesday

Christival, a periodical gathering of Protestant Christian youth in Germany founded in 1976, was meant to be a chance for likeminded young people to meet up and celebrate their faith.

But thousands of attendees at this year’s festival in the northern city of Bremen found themselves under siege by leftist extremists determined to protest what they saw as Christian intolerance to homosexuality and abortion.

“There have never been disruptions of this kind in the entire history of the event,” Christival spokesman Steve Volke told The Local on Tuesday. “They tried to storm the festival area. They threw beer bottles at participants. The whole five days of the festival there was always something happening.”

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The leftists strike again, cowards that they are, they attack a youth group celebrating their faith in Christ and God. I wish those ass-clowns would show up and try that crap at a gun-show.

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