Gunmen pull Iraqi journalist from car, kill her

by Kal El on May 4, 2008 · 2 comments

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MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) – Gunmen shot dead an Iraqi reporter on Sunday after pulling her out of a car in northern Mosul, a notoriously violent city where journalists are often targeted and live in fear of their life.

Police said Serwa Abdul-Wahab, in her mid-30s, was on her way to work when gunmen forced her from her taxi in eastern Mosul, 240 miles north of Baghdad, and shot her once in the head.

There were conflicting reports about who she worked for and police were not immediately able to say why she might have been attacked. Police and fellow journalists said she was a contributor to, an Iraqi news website.

Another senseless and barbaric TARGETING of a CIVILIAN by heartless, brainless muslim terrorists.

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  • http://www, carolyne

    I don’t believe I’ll be headed over to that heathen country anytime soon. Have you noticed no one is ever for sure who, what, where, when any of these type of things happen. Well shit happens, especially in infidel country. Women’s rights in Islam, since when??????????????????????????????????????????????f Doesn’t it just amaze you that Rosalind Carter got back all in one piece?????????? Makes you wonder, at least it makes me wonder!!!!!

  • http://www, carolyne

    Of course I know the Carter’s went to Iran, etc. but Iraq, Iran same difference except one letter. Who knows, who cares?? Mrs. Carter may have stayed home, didn’t pay the whole stupid visit of Carter any attention. So NOT TTTT American and fruitless. So Elitist!!! Obama said he was against it, that is just because he wanted to go first!!! Okay you go son, and take Michelle with you. Anytime, go ahead gourd head.