Hezbollah pushes for a new civil war in Lebanon

by Kal El on May 8, 2008 · 2 comments

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The terrorist group Hezbollah is doing everything it can to push Lebanon into another civil war. Isn’t the religion of peace great?

Clashes in Beirut After Nasrallah Vows to Use Weapons

Fierce clashes with assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenade launchers raged in several Beirut districts shortly after Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah vowed to use weapons to defend his party’s communications system.
Nasrallah, in a closed circuit press conference, accused the government of launching war against Hizbullah, stressing that “this is a new era in which all red lines have collapsed.”

“We are in war and they wouldn’t be able to predict our reaction,” Nasrallah said.

Shortly after his press conference was over, clashes broke out between Hizbullah members and Mustaqbal movement supporters in Beirut districts of Msaitbeh, Ras Nabaa, Mazraa and Basta.

The crackle of gunfire echoed across the streets of Beirut’s western sector along with the thuds of exploding RPGs.

Nasrallah said his wire communications network is a “weapon” vital for Hizbullah’s resistance and security of the party’s leaders.

“The hand that extends to touch the network would be chopped off,” Nasrallah threatened.

He also accused Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat of being the “real prime minister, and (Premier Fouad) Saniora is his poor employee.”

In typical fashion, the muslim terrorist Nasrallah resorts to threats and insults, while furthering the sectarian rift in Lebanon.

Naharnet has the press clip, and you can read more on Yahoo! News. There are good people in Lebanon. Pray for them to make it through this latest terrorist threat.

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  • Greg

    Brigitte Gabriel is from Lebanon. She is certainly a good, and smart person. So, I do pray for the good Lebanese people.
    Did you hear about the two guys in a bar, looking for girls? They spot one and one of the guys says to the other: ” Don’t bother with her, shes a lesbian….” Soon, that first guy leaves. So, his friend gets up and saunters over to the girl and says: ” So, how are things in Beirut? “……..

  • Rudy

    Yeah, I pray as well. I have several friends, as well as an ex-girlfriend still living there, so my fear is compounded due to personal attachments.

    Love the joke :)