Iran vows crushing response if attacked

by Infidelesto on May 2, 2008 · 0 comments

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This is just a continuation of what I believe will be an attack, not necessarily in the region, but in other parts of the world where Hezbollah has cells waiting to attack. Of course there’s the all inclusive Hezbollah, Syria and Hamas, whom, Iran has great influence over and could spurn a combined effort attack on Israel to achieve their dreams once and for all of wiping Israel off the map (which will obviously never happen), or it could be a signal to the known Hezbollah cells in the US to carry out attacks on the US homeland. It could also include attacks on European countries by European Hezbollah cells as retaliation.

Do not underestimate these constants threats and provocations by Iran’s leaders. They are very serious.

I really don’t believe it will be them lobbing rockets into the US. I think Iran knows we are coming, they are preparing for us, and the WANT us to attack them.

Why else would they be acting so arrogantly? Every week we hear someone from Iran rattling the drums of war and threatening either the US or Israsl. It happens so much that most of the media just ignores it.

It will be a necessary act to stop Iran and their nuclear program, but it must be done and I don’t believe the US is ready for what’s coming here at home, when we (or Israel) actually do attack. I think Iran will shock the world with what they have coming and for once I can actually say I believe Iran when they make these threats.

Too bad they will have it even worse if they are successful in any attack. It will be a crushing blow from our military and Israel’s Air force…Iran is about to commit suicide, basically.

Top cleric Vows Crushing Response if Iran Attacked

TEHRAN (AFP) — A top cleric on Friday vowed that Iran would deal a knock-out blow to what he called maniacs in the United States and Israel if they ever attacked the Islamic republic.

“If maniacs in Washington or Tel Aviv seek to take action, the Iranian nation will slap them so hard they will not get off the floor,” hardline cleric Ahmad Khatami said in a Friday prayer sermon carried live on state radio.

The Pentagon on Wednesday denied reports of new plans for military options against Iran, which is accused by the United States of seeking nuclear weapons, sponsoring terrorism and meddling in Iraq.

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