Jewish teens held hostage by muslim in Poland

by Kal El on May 5, 2008 · 2 comments

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A very disturbing event. CIVILIAN kids TARGETed by a terrorist.

Warsaw: Jewish teens held captive

A foreign man claiming he had a bomb briefly held three Jewish teenagers captive in their Polish hotel room Monday where they were staying for Holocaust commemoration ceremonies, police said.

The three Brazilians – originally identified as Israelis – were pulled into a sixth-floor room of Warsaw’s Holiday Inn after 9 a.m. by a 23-year-old identified as Mohammad A., said police spokesman Mariusz Sokolowski.

Police stormed the room just before 10 a.m. and took the suspect into custody without incident, Sokolowski said. None of the captives was harmed, and police found no explosives.

It was not immediately clear what the suspect sought, but David Peleg, Israel’s ambassador to Poland, said he had been informed the man was intoxicated.

It’s a safe bet he was muslim. Just not a very good one, since he didn’t explode, and he was drinking on the jihad, a no no according to the pedophile muhammed.

Read the whole story at the Jerusalem Post website.

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