Marriott hotel chain discriminating against Jews?

by Kal El on May 29, 2008 · 4 comments

Do you like this story?

How coincidental that this would happen in a muslim country, right?

Marriott: No Jews Need Apply

In the United States, discrimination against hotel guests based on race, religion or ethnic origin is against the law. In the Middle East, it is not evidently. A group of elderly Jews who had many years ago been expelled from Egypt wanted to visit the old country. They booked reservations for the Cairo Marriott hotel. Everyone’s reservations are safe at Marriott it seems, unless they are Jewish.

Someone invented a story that these poor old people were coming back to claim the property that the Egyptian government had stolen from them. The reservations suddenly evaporated:

“On Thursday morning, I got an e-mail from our travel agent saying the Marriott Hotel does not have adequate security for us and they have canceled our reservation,” Zamir told The Jerusalem Post.
A Marriott Cairo employee said there was no reservation for the group, and that he knew nothing other than what was published in the media.

This sort of thing is to be expected of our peaceful Egyptian neighbors, but international hotel chains should be operating by different standards. It is sad that in the twenty-first century any person cannot get lodging because of their race, creed or ethnic origin.

I called the number listed in the article and all I got was a “no comment” generic response from the person I spoke with.

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  • kimdisq

    well, I would expect much more than a “no comment” answer

  • Apex Professionals

    well now their stock is at a 5 year low. Serves em right ;-)

  • Apex Professionals

    well now their stock is at a 5 year low. Serves em right ;-)

  • A Jew With A View

    This is a really good post. All too often there is just silence about the million plus Jews who were kicked out of Muslim and Arab nations with literally nothing but the clothes on their backs.

    Jews were living in many of these nations before Islam even existed. Yet as your post illustrates, Jews are not welcome in these countries today, and haven't been for a long time.