Muslim fanatics 'radicalised mentally ill convert into becoming a nail bomber'

by Kal El on May 25, 2008 · 0 comments

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The UK now has to deal with the sad reality of muslim terrorist using the mentally disabled for attacks on their own soil, much like we see in Iraq.

GENTLE giant Nicky Reilly may have been “brainwashed” into becoming a would-be suicide bomber by muslim extremists, police say.

The mentally ill 22-year-old was arrested on Thursday after a homemade nail bomb blew up in his face in a busy restaurant. Two other nail bombs were recovered at the scene.

Police were last night waiting to interview 18-stone Reilly in hospital.

His neighbours, who call him The Big Friendly Giant, believe he was persuaded to carry out the attack by Muslim extremists who befriended him at his local chip shop.

One local resident, Aly Turner, 17, said last night: “If you get brainwashed you get brainwashed. I think that’s what happened to Nicky.”

Another, Scott Allen, 19, added: “They picked on Nicky because of his vulnerability. He had always been a follower and he always wanted friends.”

As the hunt for the extremists continued, two men were arrested at gunpoint yesterday outside a cafe in Reilly’s home city of Plymouth.

Reilly was arrested at lunch time on Thursday at the Giraffe restaurant in a busy shopping centre in Exeter.

Police found him staggering around outside with severe facial injuries and burns. A witness said: “He had a look of horror on his face.”

Reilly was hurt when one of the bombs exploded in the restaurant’s toilet.

The device was made from sodium hydroxide, kerosene, strips of aluminium foil and nails. No one else was injured in the explosion.

Reilly, carrying a rucksack, travelled from Plymouth to Exeter on a bus with 54 other passengers.

Sources revealed last night that he was sent a text message of encouragement before he set off on his mission.

Reilly’s neighbours in King Street, Plymouth, knew he had converted to Islam. He changed his name by deed poll to Mohammed Rasheed six months ago but he still let locals call him Nicky.

Aly Turner told how Reilly had a picture of the Twin Towers burning on 9/11 as the wallpaper on his computer.

He added: “He always used to say he had been told you will get a better life when you die if you are a Muslim.

Radical islam continues to sow violence and discord.

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