Muslim "scholar" offended by drug sniffing dogs used to hunt criminal muslims

by Kal El on May 7, 2008 · View Comments

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Pakistani Scholar: Dogs And Pigs Are Favorite Animals Of Jews

Prominent Islamic scholar Maulana Abdul Hakim Haqqani, who is based in Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province, has said that the use of sniffer dogs to trace criminals is not sanctioned by the shari’a. The Urdu-language newspaper Roznama Mashriq quoted Maulana Haqqani as saying that the use of sniffer dogs is haram, or forbidden in Islam.

According to the report, Haqqani, the Nazim-e-Ala of Darul Uloom Islami Jamhuria at Takht Bhai in the North West Frontier Province, said that Islam does not validate the witness of a single man in any dispute; so, how could a dog be the reason of a man’s insult.

Haqqani said that dogs and pigs are favorite animals of the Jews, according to the report. He also asked the Pakistani government to ban the use of sniffer dogs in the investigation of cases by police.

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Awww poor little imam is offended by dog’s, also known as “Man’s best friend”. I guess he prefers camels and sheep, which do not offer as much resistance as a dog would when being molested by a lonely cave-dwelling terrorist. But that is just my opinion…

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  • Storm-Rider

    Well, I guess there’s at least one difference between Nazis and Totalitarian Islamists – the Nazis understood the value of a good German Shepherd.

    One other difference – as evil as the Nazis were – they didn’t love death in the name of God.

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    [...] Muslim “scholar” offended by drug sniffing dogs used to hunt criminal muslims [...]

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