Muslims protest question on prophet in history exam

by Kal El on May 1, 2008 · 1 comment

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Hahahahaha it’s not enough that they blow themselves up, decapitate infidels and fly planes into buildings. Now they are protesting a mere question that they deem derogatory towards the pedophile terrorist muhammad. I guess the terrible truth of the history of islam is just too much.

The University of Ranchi Thursday hurriedly cancelled its post-graduation history paper after thousands of Muslims took to the streets protesting against a reference to Prophet Mohammed they said was derogatory.

‘A five-member committee has been constituted (to probe) the question paper. The examination has been cancelled,’ Vice Chancellor A.H. Khan announced, shortly after his meeting with Chief Minister Madhu Koda.

The question in the history paper referred to Prophet Mohammed’s life. The examination took place Wednesday.

On Thursday, Muslim organisations organised a march and ransacked the university office to protest against the offending question. The police used force to control the mob.

The university then held an emergency meeting of its top officials.

Chief Minister Koda said: ‘We have asked the vice chancellor to probe the matter and take suitable action against the person who prepared the question. We appeal to people to maintain calm.’

I hope they don’t blow up the school.

Courtesy of Bombay News

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  • Philip Saenz

    Islam doesn’t like it if you question it. Adolph Hitler also didn’t like being questioned.