Muslim "scholar" declares death penalty ok for apostasy

by Kal El on May 15, 2008 · 5 comments

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No shock here, from the ‘religion’ of ‘peace’.

Apostasy Punishable By Death: Top Adhaalath Scholar

The leader of the religious Adhaalath party scholars’ council has said he advocates the death penalty for those who convert from Islam to another religion, as well as amputation of hands for certain types of theft.

In an interview with Minivan News, Sheikh Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari emphasised the need for “advice” and correct legal procedures before the death penalty is implemented, but said Shari’ah law ultimately requires the killing of those who leave Islam.

Majeed was also a member of the government’s Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs until he resigned at the start of May under the Civil Service Act, which forbids civil servants to engage in political activity.

His statement follows a media furore over a book co-authored by presidential candidate Dr Hassan Saeed, Freedom Of Religion, Apostasy And Islam, which Umar Naseer of the Islamic Democratic Party has condemned as favouring freedom of religion.


Apostates – those who leave the Islamic religion – “must not be punished by the public,” Majeed said, and must initially be offered “advice, and the opportunity to come back to Islam again”.

If the individual concerned fails to return to Islam, he said, “correct legal procedures” must then be followed.

And he emphasises the scholarly debate over punishments for apostasy – also citing the example of the Prophet’s life, during which no apostates were punished with death. But, Majeed adds, this was arguably because converts to different religions fled to other areas.

Majeed also cites Surah 2, verse 256 of the Qur’an, which states that “there is no compulsion in religion.” And he highlights the issue of munafiq – those who pretend to have faith, but do not – who must in practice be treated as Muslims.

But despite this, he says, apostasy is one of three offences that must be punished by death, along with adultery (by those already married) and murder.

Wow, this idiot contradicts himself quite nicely, when he states no apostates were killed during pedophile muhammad’s life, but then says it is a punishable offense. I wonder if he even realizes this, or is so brainwashed by islam that he thinks he is making sense.

h/t to MinivanNews

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  • Andrew

    You know there is something that has been bothering me for a long time. That is, since Obama is a Muslim, which he is because according to Islam he was born to a Muslim father and is thereby = Muslim) and then he converted to Christianity given that he gave his life to Trinity and Rev. Wright, doesn’t that make him an apostate? And if that makes him an apostate then why do Muslims and Muslim countries and terrorists seem to love Obama so much? So much so that they have phone centers set up to call US citizens to encourage them to vote for him. Why? Is it because he has promised them and all of us that nukes will be taken COMPLETELY off the table once he takes power meaning that even if Iran or Syria wipe Israel off the map with nukes that we will not respond in kind? I personally think that’s it. Islam and Muslims are willing to look the other way with this particular apostate because he promises them protection. Thoughts?

  • Storm-Rider

    Islamic Sharia law is based on the Quran, Hadiths and Sira. Sharia law sanctions murder, not only of people who leave the Islamic religion; but it also sanctions the murder of non-Muslims including Jews and Christians, because all non-Muslims are by definition guilty of rejecting their god and their prophet. Sharia law is evil.

    Murder is forbidden in the Bible: “Thou shall not murder” and murder is in violation of the American Declaration of Independence which states that human life is a God-given human right.

    Islamic values expressed in Sharia law cannot coexist with American values and law which derive from the Bible, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

  • Tonto (USA)

    Storm Rider, Right on! Islam is evil. Muhammad was evil incarnate. That son of the devil would be proud of his followers nowadays. Killing, killing, and killing is a way of life for those animals.

  • jen tha rednek

    Amen to all comments! Muhammad was a mass murdering pedophile! Killing people because they choose not to practice a religion is anti-American and will not jive. In the words of my 15 year-old cousin, “Get off your hater-ade bitches!”

  • tonymixan

    Hans Kung,a so-called theologian,thinks Mohammet was a nice chap; so much for Kung’s moral depth.