Obama leaves Trinity

by Infidelesto on May 31, 2008 · 4 comments

Do you like this story?

Finally did what he should’ve done 20 years ago…

But he won’t denounce the church.

Obama – “It is not a church worthy of denouncing”

Here’s him answering questions at this press conference.

Gateway Pundit has a good roundup of info, check him out.

Political expediency? Obviously!

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  • Baby lover

    If you saw Barak Obama give the press conference today where he ditched his church membership, then you saw a very troubled man indeed. I don’t agree with his church’s rhetoric but I did expect him to have loyalty to his church and to not be influenced by the media. Senator Obama just does not have the core beliefs and soul to lead our nation. He said that he refers to scripture every day. How can Senator Obama refer to the bible everyday and live with his own approval of abortion, the murder of God’s unborn children. I just don’t believe this poor lost soul of a man one bit.

  • http://therealsporer.blogspot.com/ The Real Sporer

    Odd position. Since the Drama has claimed that Brother Jeremiah was a strong formative influence the damage is already done to the Drama’s world view and hence his qualification to be President.

    Now, by abandoning Brother Jeremiah after saying that he could no more do so than abandon his white Grandmother, which doesn’t say much for Granny, the Drama once again demonstrates himself to be a charismatic but rather mundande politician.

    ……….. and this is the liberal messiah of a post partisan post racial society.

  • http://www,traveLightgame.com carolyne

    Now if we can only have peace and closure to this extremist Obama and he leave America quietly without much more ado??? NOT – going to happen, because that is what Obama is here for! To stir up trouble, and he has done a fine job of that. Excellent as a matter of fact. Yea, we see what Obama is cooking, and we need to cook his goose! Sooner rather than later, let’s roll!

  • Langworthy

    A staged event by Father Pfleger so Obama could bow out of the church started by Islamists