Oil Execs to Congress: Let us Drill at home

by Infidelesto on May 22, 2008 · 2 comments

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The Major Oil Executives sat before Congress again on Tuesday and as they got their usual griping about “profits” which the Dems seem to think are to blame for America’s energy crisis. From the Democrats point of view, drilling at home is not the answer

“We can’t drill our way to lower prices.” – Dick Durbin on Tuesday

“Where is your corporate conscience?”

Where is your legislative conscience, Mr. Durbin? Why can’t you have the courage to expand oil drilling on American soil?

Several oil execs fired back at Congressional inaction.

Houston Chronicle

Oil executives today challenged lawmakers to open more areas to drilling and send a signal to the world about the United States’ resolve to deal with its own energy problems.

“If the nation set a goal of increasing domestic production by 2 (million) to 3 million barrels a day by opening up new sources of exploration and production, we could demonstrate to the world that we are in control of our own destiny,” Shell Oil Co. President John Hofmeister told a Senate panel today.

Granting greater accesss, Hofmeister argued, coupled with Congress’ previous actions to increase use of renewable fuels and to raise fuel mileage requirements, could help avoid awkward scenarios in which U.S. leaders ask producing nations to produce more and get “an unresponsive reply.”

John Lowe, executive vice president of ConocoPhillips, said Congress should enact a balanced energy policy. In addition to lifting the drilling ban, such a policy could include measures to encourage alternative energy sources, remove the ethanol tariff, promote energy conservation, cut regulations around refining.

CNN – “We must work together to find a real solution,” said Lowe. U.S. oil companies should be viewed not as scapegoats, but as assets.”

Another exec said:

“Americans need companies that can effectively compete for access to new resources. Punitive measures that weakened us in the face of international competition are the wrong measures.

Hey Dick Durbin, guess what? If your Democrat friends would have dealt with this problem years ago, then we wouldn’t be in this predicament. Instead, you and your environmentalist wacko buddies have crippled the American energy economy by:

  • not allowing more oil refineries to be built
  • crippling nuclear energy development
  • Refusing to allow drilling on US soil

What do they want the oil companies to do? Slash their profits to less than a cent per dollar and that will cure our energy crisis….

Are these Democrats too dense to realize that drilling at home is an inevitable necessity?

The pure contempt for profits and big business and the inability to have clear understanding about what drives oil prices and free markets has never been so clear by the ignorance of these Democrats currently in office.

Memo: Stop TALKING and Start DOING. The Dems control Congress. Do not fail the American people with your ignorant, capitalism hating policies.

Here’s the Oil Execs speaking…

hattip: California Conservative

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  • Terry Rocks

    When is this country going to get its head out of its ass! We are the laughing stock of the World! We are falling way behind other nationas in the name of complaince and saving the polar bear! I love green but it is not about green it about CONTROL BY THE ELITES! Grow a backbone America before you lose every last right we have. By the way..China, and other 3rd world countries are drilling right off the Florida coast right now! Think they give a sh*& about the ocean. The US has the most modern and safe practices and will not damage the ocean! Get Real!! Somone needs to sue the Tree huggers for this crap whole of a country they made us!