Saudi Arabia – birthplace of islam – Maid abuse charges dropped

by Kal El on May 22, 2008 · 3 comments

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US-BASED Human Rights Watch has slammed a Saudi Arabian court decision to drop charges against an employer accused of abusing an Indonesian maid so severely she lost her fingers and toes.

HRW said Nour Miyati had been beaten daily and forced to work long hours without rest for her Saudi employers, knocking out a tooth and damaging one of her eyes.

A judge who reviewed the case in Riyadh on Monday awarded Ms Miyati about $US670 ($A696.47) for her injuries but dropped charges against the wife of her employer, who had earlier confessed to abusing the maid and had been sentenced by a lower court to 35 lashes.

“This outrageous ruling sends a dangerous message to Saudi employers that they can beat domestic workers with impunity, and that victims have little hope of justice,” Nisha Varia, senior researcher in the women’s rights division at HRW, said.

Saudi officials were unavailable for comment on the report.

Ms Miyati had earlier had her fingers and toes amputated because of the delay in receiving care for gangrene and malnourishment, the group said.

There are over a million domestic maids working in Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil exporter where many families employ foreign home help.

Rights organisations say many domestic maids work in difficult circumstances, do not know Arabic and often suffer from abuse by their employers.

The Labour Ministry has acknowledged that there were problems with workers’ rights, but the Government also often said Islamic law ensured protection for both Muslims and non-Muslims, and reminded foreigners they were guests in the country.

This is a continuing demonstration of islam and its views on women’s rights, and human rights in general.

Also noted, the article was sent in by anonymous correspondents, due to the fact that if you report something like this you might not be seen so favorably by the Saudi government. This is the religion of peace. If you say otherwise, they riot and kill you.

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  • The Truth About Islam

    What? A U.S.-based human-rights organization actually paying attention to the severe abuse of human rights in the Muslim world? How can this be?? I thought we had to endure all the abuses in the name of Islam because it’s a RELIGION, and every evil notion and act must be endured so long as GOD is invoked.

    Shocking. I guess the Saudis won’t be doling out any of their oil trillion$ to Human Rights Watch any time soon. Remember the Golden Rule – he who holds the gold not only rules but can abuse, exploit, enslave, torture and murder at will, so long as he’s “religious.”

    Islam is evil. Rod Parsley is right.

  • Connie

    “Islam is evil. Rod Parsley is right.”


    More on the Saudis

  • Jarismm

    Islam and Arabs, made for each other. Take one away and maybe things would change.