Torture widespread in muslim indonesia

by Kal El on May 17, 2008 · 3 comments

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Here’s a shocker!!! Torture in a muslim country! No way!!!! I am in disbelief…

U.N. body says torture widespread in Indonesia

A UN rights body says Indonesia’s police, armed forces and intelligence services routinely torture and degrade criminal suspects to extract confessions.

The U.N. Committee Against Torture says it is “deeply concerned about numerous ongoing credible and consistent allegations” of abuse in the Indonesian justice system.

In a report released in Geneva the 10-member independent panel says military officials and police have used disproportionate force and violence, particularly against women, in the Aceh province and other areas of conflict.

It says attacks on ethnic and religious minorities remains a problem in Indonesia.

The committee says no state official accused of perpetrating torture has been found guilty, this despite efforts to combat rights abuses.

The UN panel has called on Jakarta to take immediate steps to uphold legal safeguards for those taken into custody.

Nothing surprising at all, to be honest. But I did get a good laugh about the UN calling on Indonesia to uphold legal safeguards. I guess they forgot about Iraq, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and all those other muslim countries and terrorist groups ignoring their requests to stop torture and blowing themselves up.

H/t to ABC Radio Australa

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  • Chaim

    I can’t understand the surprise when toture is a normal, everyday, occurrence through Muslim countries

  • http://www, carolyne

    Surely not abuse, or torture, when the god (little g) of this world Satan is leading this country and and every other Muslim on the face of this earth. How did we here in the land of the free, in the one true God we trust in Christ country, pick a Muslim for a presidential canidate, Barrack Hussein Obama? This is scraping the bottom of the barrel and over reaching into the arm pits of Hell. I have never met or know anyone personally that is voting for this devilish guy or has any respect for his hellish wife. Could I be a privileged person, or could the voting booths be crossing over??

  • Storm-Rider