Turkey: Press, Islam attack women through books

by Kal El on May 21, 2008 · 4 comments

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Women in the muslim world must be thrilled to read such great literature regarding their status. Assuming they can read at all.

ANKARA, MAY 20 – “Women not veiled are prostitutes” and “Taking off the veil is responding to the call of Satan” are the titles of two books by famous Islamic authors who are very popular these days in Turkey where they have been sold at the price of 1.0 lira (less than a dollar), in order to guarantee their better distribution.

The denouncement comes from the website of the newspaper ‘Cumhuriyet’ (Republic, pro Ataturk and leftist) which claims that while Turkey is suffering a deep political crisis due to the accusations against the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP, pro Islamic) which is threatened with closure for alleged “anti secular activities”, Turkish Islamic intellectuals are undisturbed in their propaganda against Turkish women who refuse to wear a veil.

“The books written about the ‘turban’ (the typical Islamic headscarf) are a proof for the reactionary threat,” the newspaper wrote, citing, among others, the book ‘Invitation To Wear a Veil’ by the retired mufti Mehmet Goktas, according to which “the girls that refuse to wear veils respond to the call of Satan”.

Just like in Saudi Barbaria, where a woman gets arrested for going to a coffee shop with a man she isn’t married or related to by blood (in some cases in the, a woman can be both…)

Article courtesy of ANSAmed.

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  • FransG

    Would be nice if it was possible to get the name of the author and the original turkish title of the books.

  • Rudy


    I will look them up.

  • Fran`s G

    Thanks in advance. I would like to use the information in a boek on muhaddedanism.

  • Frans Groenendijk

    Pity you can’t find it either. I emailed the Ansamed’s desk with a similar question but they did not react at all. Unfortunately I don’t know turkish so I am not able to serieusly google on the subject