UN Official taught class by day, made rockets for Hamas terrorists by night

by Kal El on May 7, 2008 · 9 comments

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Here is an interesting piece, and another reason for the United States to deport the UN (I am sure the socialists in Europe would welcome them, as they are united in dhimmification), terrorist lovers that they are, and stop sanctioning Iran, and start bombing their terrorist training camps. And a great reason to cut ALL aid to the Palestinian terrorists.

The UN has long effectively behaved as a club of terror, excusing, ignoring or condoning acts of terrorism and tyranny while repeatedly singling out their principal state victim, Israel, for grotesque condemnation. The role of its relief agency UNWRA in supervising ‘refugee camps’ which are factories of terrorism has long been deeply compromised. Israel has repeatedly claimed that terrorists operate under the cover of UNWRA vehicles and facilities. The UN however has always strenuously denied any involvement whatsoever in such activities. Now however Reuters tells us that the headmaster of a UN school in Gaza, Awad al-Qiq who was killed last week in an Israeli air strike on a ‘mechanic’s workshop’, taught by day and made rockets for Islamic Jihad by night. Wrapped in an Islamic Jihad flag, he was buried as a terrorist hero.

Who knew?

Total mind-blower, a UN official in Gaza engaged in terrorism, right?

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  • John Ryan

    when you say you support the US military when are you going to join up ? We really need high quality recruits the percent of high school grads is now down to less than 70% May I forward your name to a recruiter ?

  • Rudy


    I served on active duty. I am a civilian employee now. I tried to re-enlist on 9/13/01 after the shock wore off, but due to a service connected disability they said no thank you. So I work WITH the military now, have for the last 5 years, just not as an Airman. Do/did you serve?

  • Infidelesto

    Since when do you have to serve in the military to prove your patriotism or support of the troops? Some people can’t go in the military and they support the troops more than anyone.

  • Andrew

    Yes John Ryan, good question. Do/did you serve? And how may I ask does that question have anything to do with some fruit at the United Nutbags building rockets? And in case you are still curious, yes, I did serve. I served in the Navy and my ship took the place of the USS Stark after some other nutbags in a rubber boat killed 37 of my fellow sailors.

  • Rudy


    THANK YOU for your service.

  • XD45c

    From a previous statement I wrote about the UN. What would happen if I were in charge…

    1. The UN will be disallowed from the United States effective immediately.
    2. UN Ambasadors (and all of their families and strap hangers) will no longer have diplomatic status; therefore, no immunity.
    3. All non-US citizens employeed by or engaged in UN activities will have 48 hours to clear their affairs and depart the US permanently or face penalities for illegal immigration.
    4. State and local governments are encouraged to enforce the laws these former diplomats break immediately and fully.
    5. Since they no longer have diplomatic status, any crimes committed during their 48 hours grace will be dealt with as with any other non-US citizen.
    Such arrested persons will be handed over to federal authorities as soon as possible.
    6. The UN building and grounds will be handed over to the VA for conversion to an old soldiers home and/or VA hospital.
    7. Any properties abandoned by formers diplomats will become the property of the city (or state if not in city limits) where they are located.
    8. All UN mandates, resolutions, rules and agreements will immediately be repudiated by the US.

  • Storm-Rider

    The United Nations has become the enemy of both Israel and the United States.

    Let us form a new international organization to defend God-given human rights including life, liberty and the creative pursuit of happiness. Only nations who acknowledge God as the source of human rights, and only nations who govern with the consent of the governed need apply.

  • Andrew

    Thank YOU for your service as well Rudy. And most importantly THANK YOU to all those who will be covering our backsides tonight as wel sleep tight in our beds secure in the knowledge that rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf.

    Well said Storm-Rider, XD45c, Infedelesto! And thanks to Infidelesto for giving us such an awesome f’ng place to get the REAL news. I love this place!

  • http://plancksconstant.org/ bernie

    Just FYI, I linked to your article from Gaza headmaster was Blank Blank rocket-maker