Why You Won't See Iranian Weapons We've Captured in Iraq

by Infidelesto on May 8, 2008 · 0 comments

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Great post today from Bob Owens of Confederate Yankee:

Starting over a year ago with the discovery of a new kind of roadside bomb—EFPs or explosively-formed projectiles—American commanders in Iraq began believing that Iran was supplying weapons to militants in Iraq. That belief grew as more munitions were captured, including 34 unfired rockets captured on July 12, 2007 that were said to be of Iranian origin.

In recent weeks American forces have claimed to have captured even more Iranian weapons, including those that were new, apparently manufactured in 2008. In addition, Iraqi government forces are said to have captured a significant number of weapons of suspected Iranian manufacture during military options in and around Basra over the past month.

On top of the weaponry captured, recently-released information claims that Shiite militiamen were trained by Hezbollah in Iranian terrorist camps near Tehran, and that some of those militants have been captured, and have resided in U.S. military custody for several months providing valuable intelligence.

But if solid physical evidence of Iranian military interference has been captured, then why hasn’t that evidence been presented to independent experts for verification? Why hasn’t that material been presented to a skeptical world media, still unwilling to believe governmental claims at face value after Saddam Hussein’s WMDs turned out to be ghosts?
The answer is both simple and pragmatic:
Read on for the answer…

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