Woman raped in Afghanistan, son killed, she gets jail

by Kal El on May 3, 2008 · 4 comments

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A WOMAN who was trafficked across the border from Pakistan with her son, 3, was handed to an Afghan who raped her, then beat the toddler to death as she watched.

He was jailed for 20 years for murder – but the woman, Rukhma, was jailed, too.

She had put up with her mistreatment for three months before going to authorities.

But in December, Rukhma, who doesn’t know her age but looks younger than 20, was given a four-year sentence for adultery and “escaping her house” in Pakistan.

The Taliban’s fall six years ago heralded new rights for women: to go to school or get a job.

Their rights are now enshrined in the constitution.

But except for a small urban elite, a woman fleeing domestic violence or accusing a man of rape herself often ends up seen as the guilty party.

So this poor woman not only was violated, she watched her son die at the hands of a “tolerant and peaceful” muslim. Then she joins her attacker in jail. I am sure that once she signs a confession, apologizes for being raped, and promises never to be raped again, the terrorists in charge of the jail will commute her sentence.

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  • http://www,traveLightgame.com carolyne

    How mean can you get, and Michelle calls America mean?? She should be so lucky. Americans are bullies, bitter, and cling to their guns and their God. Hey maybe the Obama’s should live in Afghanistan a while, and it wouldn’t take long, then Michelle might be grateful to be living in America. You reckon??? There are no “tolerant, peaceful, or moderate Muslims” in this world. Why are they so HATE filed and why do we in America give them the time of day??? No wonder they don’t want Hillary as our President. All the more reason to elect her. I say as a woman we need to rub there nose in their own S_______t. I wouldn’t spare any mercy for those Muslim radical extremist. I am sure there are converted christian Muslims of which I feel very sorry for if they should meet up with the mean devilish Muslims infidels. Bad mix!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMEAVK6NxFA Jeff

    Michael Savage (PBUH) had it right. “Take your religion (Islam) AND SHOVE IT !” What kind of people are these ? Why in the world would ANY FEMALE THINK OF ACTUALLY BECOMEING A MUSLIM IS A GOOD IDEA ?


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