14 year old boy trained as suicide bomber by Pakistani imams

by Kal El on June 10, 2008 · 1 comment

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There is no depth these depraved muslim terrorists will not sink to, in their jihad to take over the world.

I was groomed to kill British soldiers, says 14-year-old boy seized on suicide bomb mission

A teenager seized as he prepared to launch a suicide attack told today how he had been groomed to kill British troops.

Shakirullah Yasin Ali, just 14, spoke up in prison two days after three British soldiers were killed in a suicide bombing in Helmand, bringing UK fatalities in Afghanistan to 100.

‘If I had succeeded, I would be dead now,’ he said of his own mission in the town of Khost., where he was captured.

These poor kids are being brainwashed and killed, in the name of the cult of islam. Every single one of those madrassas needs to be emptied out, burned to the ground and made into a pig farm. And any imam who would teach a child to take his own life ought to be hanged.

‘But those who were instructing me said that if I believed in serving God it was my duty to fight against the foreigners. They said God would protect me when the time came.’

Interviewed by The Independent newspaper, Shakirullah added: ‘All we were told was the British and the Americans were in Afghanistan and they were killing Muslims.’

The frail Pakistani Pashtun farmer’s son is one of the youngest ever suicide bombing suspects.

Shakirullah said his education in Pakistan’s South Waziristan region was at a madrassa run by two imams, Mullahs Saleb and Azizullah, where students between 13 and 22 learned the Koran and listened to political lectures.

After completing his first course in Koranic studies, the two mullahs told him he must now serve God in Afghanistan.

‘All I know is what the mullahs told me and kept telling me, that the British and the Americans were against God,’ he said.

‘Mullah Saleb said I would be striking a blow against the foreigners … and get justice for all the people being killed.’

The imams told him he must leave immediately and that his family would be kept informed and ‘would get well paid for what I was doing’.

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  • http://infidelsarecool.com Philip Saenz

    It seems that more and more the devilish imams are referring to God and not to Allah. Probably they can see that we so-called infidels understand that Allah isn’t the real God, the God of the Christians and the Jews. I’ve argued for almost a year that Allah is actually another name for Satan. That is the reason I refer to Allah as Satan/Allah. Imams, you devils, are you afraid to call on Allah, the Muslim god? You devilish imams now understand that we non-muslims know that Allah is the god of cruelty, the god of lying and liars, the god of old Muslim lechers who “marry” little girls barely eight or nine years old. Allah is also the god of genital mutilation, the god polygamy and adultery, the god of suicide bombers, the god of torture, the god of Muslim cut throats, the god who stones women to death. I don’t want you Imams to refer to the God of Christians and Jews, the God of Love. Refer to the god of Muslims, that is, Allah, who is Satan/Allah.