14 year old British boy, attacked with iron bars and table legs by muslim gang

by Kal El on June 1, 2008 · 4 comments

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Of course the British Dhimwit media whitewashes it and calls the thugs “Asians” so as not to offend muslims, and cause them to react with more violence, in response to being called violent.


Another case of an innocent young boy being beat to a pulp by a gang of muslim young men. AND another case of the media and the police purposely avoiding and not recognizing that this is a muslim against white hate crime:

“Detective Inspector Paul Hitchen said: “This was a vicious attack on a lone teenager for no apparent reason. We have a dedicated team of detectives working on this. I would like to add that there is no suggestion of any racial element whatsoever to this assault.”

This lad was only 14 year old, as were the two other lads who were walking with him. The trio were walking along, minding their own business, when a group of 10 “Asians” (media-speak for muslim) pounced. The two friends got away leaving the 10 hoodlums to focus their brutal and vicious bludgeoning with iron bars and table legs/clubs on the lone defenseless boy. The lad fell to the ground and curled up into a ball to try and protect himself as best he could. The other bloodthirsty muslim thugs, without weapons, joined in and proceeded to kick and punch the lad on the head and body as he yelled for help.

The boy has been left with a broken arm and gashes about his head.

This is a serious assault that could have easily led to the death of the boy. Like the lad’s mother stated: “They seemed to have had their weapons ready, just looking for trouble”. NO robbery occurred leaving the objective observer to conclude that the motive was a race hate crime – yet, as stated above, the police and media quickly jump into obfuscation mode to deceive the public. Clearly if the situation were reversed, as in the Amar Aslam case – even if the immediate evidence pointed otherwise – the British media (and police) would jump to their preconceived conclusion and portray the beating as a racist crime by a gang of white men.

As the list of muslim attacks, particularly by muslim gangs, against the white British population grows longer by the day, one wonders how long the British people will tolerate the lies and cover-ups offered by their police force and their media.

Great write up by the Opinionator with references to several other attacks on British teens. It is a damn shame the British government continues to cover for these terrorists in training. Today it is gang attacks on children. Tomorrow it is backpack bombs on the subway, or car-bomb attempts on an airport.

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  • Storm-Rider

    When I tuck my daughter in bed tonight I’ll be saying a prayer of thanks that she and I do not live in England. Without the God-given right to defend life and liberty (Second Amendment – Bill of Rights) there is no God-given right to life and liberty (Declaration of Independence).

    I’ll also be saying thanks to God for the great width of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • http://infidelsarecool.com Philip Saenz

    Did you know that the Muslim Taqiyya gives Muslims permission to lie if it advances the religion of Islam? It does, and we can see that the Muslims practice this doctrine, lying, very often.

    The Muslims apply the Muslim Taqiyya, and fabricate many stories. They’ll tell you, for example, that the Jews and Christians conspired to fly planes into the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center. I can prove that Jews and Christians had nothing to do with flying planes into the Twin Towers. Only Muslims commit suicide in order to murder innocent people, and this is something they do every day somewhere in the world. Have you ever heard Jews and Christians commit suicide in order to murder innocent people? You haven’t and you never will because Christians and Jews place much value on human lives. This is something that Muslims don’t do. Only Muslims commit suicide in order to murder innocent people. The conclusion is evident that the evil people who flew those planes into the Twin Towers were 100% Muslims. Did you know that only Muslims perpetrate honor killings? This is something else to think about.

  • jen tha rednek

    If only the Atlantic were as wide as the Pacific…that is a horrible crime. I cannot stand the term “hate crime” because if you beat/kill someone, you probably did it out of hate, it’s redundant. These boys need to be prosecuted to the full extent of whatever law they have in Britain and that’s not going to be enough. What about the 2 buddies that jumped, that’s loyalty for you! Man, Britain is messed up, glad we got off that sinkin ship centuries ago.

  • J Davis

    —-As the list of muslim attacks, particularly by muslim gangs, against the white British population grows longer by the day, one wonders how long the British people will tolerate the lies and cover-ups offered by their police force and their media.—-

    As it seems that the British have no intention of forcing their government representatives to recognize publicly the muslem problem, and to do what is necessary to defend against the islamization of Britain that is occurring, they have no chance of defeating it. They have given away the rights of the citizens to defend themselves, and have doomed the country to become subject to sharia law. Damned shame eh? They have joined the turks , spanish and french. (non caps intended)