Algeria cracks down on Protestant Church

by Kal El on June 1, 2008 · 0 comments

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Yet another muslim country showcasing intolerance. As usual no one in the Western Media notices, or cares, liberals that they are.

Algeria Shuts Down 26 Protestant Churches

Authorities in the overwhelmingly Muslim nation of Algeria have closed half of the Protestant churches in the country over the last six months, alerted persecution watchdog groups this week.

Twenty-six Algerian churches were shut down either by official written order or verbal warning since November 2007, according to Open Doors USA. The churches, ranging in size from several dozens to more than 1,000 members, are victims of a recent aggressive campaign against Christians.

It is feared that if persecution continues all the churches will be closed by the end of the year.

“This was actually caused by an ordinance that was passed in 2006,” said Open Doors’ Advocacy Coordinator Lindsay Vessey to Mission Network News. “This ordinance, basically, was making it more difficult for churches to worship. It restricts where they can worship and also tries to prevent Christians from proselytizing or evangelizing.”

In March 2006, Algeria passed a law that required non-Muslim places of worship to have a government-issued certificate proving that they adhere to state worship guidelines. But Christian groups have accused the government of using various means to block their registration process, and complained that the regulations are unclear.

According to Compass Direct, the law restricting non-Muslim worship did not take effect until this year.

In addition to church closures, the crackdown on Christians also includes the arrest of Protestants as they travel between cities or exit religious meetings, and blocking Catholics from participating in regular ministry activities taking place outside of their church buildings.

Read more about this latest assault by the cult of death here.

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