Algeria: Four condemned to prison for becoming Christian

by Kal El on June 10, 2008 · 3 comments

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African Christians face even more persecution. The UN remains silent.

Four Algerians who converted to Christianity have been condemned to prison and heavy fines, while two others were set free after renouncing their conversion.

The defence lawyer said the four were charged with “illegally practicing a non-Muslim faith,” the French news agency AFP reported.

Attorney Khelloudja Khalfoun said one of the converts was sentenced to six months in prison and fined USD3,087, while the other three were sentenced to two months in prison and fined USD1,544 each.

The four converts, who were condemned by a court in Tiaret, refused to deny their faith, in contrast with the two others who were freed. Kheloudja told AFP that he would appeal the verdict, since only the ones who admitted they had converted were found guilty.

“They were judged by the facts themselves, and therefore all should be guilty or all should be freed,” he said.

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No compulsion from the religion of peace. Nope. None whatsoever.

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  • julius

    We should have the same laws here and in the free world,If the muslims dont learn about other religions,educate themselfs in politically correct manners,Learn to treat women,homosexualls and other diversified people as equals we should fine and imprison them also.We dont need one sided laws that seem to always favor the guilty or hidden agendas.

  • Johnny Spruce

    It is very likely the America of the future will have as many ‘Americans’ residing here as Italy has ‘Romans’. We are soon to be in the United States Post America. America is not merely a land mass, but a noble experiment founded on Judeo Christian Values and limited government. Take those factors away, and all you have left is the land mass….with some very interesting new tenants.

  • Obama Man

    Name one thing that you white Christians have done good and I will tell you how you used it to murder people!