Christians in Algeria pay fine, receive suspended sentence

by Kal El on June 4, 2008 · 1 comment

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More tolerance on display in another country infested with islam.

TIARET, Algeria (Reuters) – Four Algerian Christians received suspended jail terms and fines on Tuesday for seeking to convert Muslims in the latest in a series of cases to have provoked accusations in the West of religious repression.

Christian groups overseas and Algerian secular liberals point to recent state-ordered closures of some churches and prosecutions for proselytism as evidence that the overwhelmingly Muslim country of 33 million is persecuting minority Christians.

The government denies harassing Christians, believed to number about 10,000. The state-appointed Higher Islamic Council, which regulates religious practice, says Protestant evangelicals are secretly trying to divide Algerians to colonise the country.

A court in the western town of Tiaret handed a six month suspended prison term to Rachid Seghir, a 36-year-old computer technician, and fined him 200,000 dinars for breaking a provision in a 2006 law that forbids non-Muslims from seeking to convert Muslims.

Jillali Saidi, Abdelhak Rabih and Chaabane Baikel received two months suspended prison sentences and were fined 100,000 dinars each. The four said they intended to appeal. Two other accused, Mohamed Khan and Abdelkader Hori, were acquitted

So it is perfectly fine for muslims to come into the West and turn thriving neighborhoods in our cities into third world slums, as seen in London, Paris, and Dearborn, but Christians going into muslim countries, that gets you a suspended jail sentence. Or a fatwa and a death sentence.

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