Gas prices up 75 percent since Dems took over in 2006

by Infidelesto on June 9, 2008 · 6 comments

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A great article today at Investors Business Daily talks about the woeful elites in Congress. Seriously, my 5 year old nephew could get more done than these a**hats…

The Drill-Nothing Congress

In November of 2006, House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi issued a press release touting the Democrats’ “common-sense plan to help bring down skyrocketing gas prices.”

She accused the oil companies of “price gouging.” The price of gasoline when the Democrats took control of Congress was around $2.25 per gallon.

The average price of regular gas crept over the $4-per-gallon barrier over the weekend, as measured by AAA and the Oil Price Information Service.

That represents a more than 75% increase in the retail price of a gallon of gasoline on Pelosi’s watch. Call it the “Pelosi premium” we’re all now paying.

It’s a problem driven by domestic supply restrictions imposed by the Democratic Congress in the face of growing worldwide demand. The Democrats preach energy independence while they do everything in their power to prevent it. If the American people truly want change, this would be it.

A Gallup poll released in May showed that 57% of the American people wanted the U.S. to drill in coastal and wilderness areas. The percentage of Americans who bought Pelosi’s line about price gouging fell from 34% in May 2007 to 20% in May 2008. It could be a winning issue for the Republicans and John McCain.

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  • dm60462

    Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin complained to oil company bosses at a hearing on Capitol Hill about Chicago having the highest gasoline prices in the United States. Largely ignored was the role taxes are playing — an astounding 10 levels of taxation. In Chicago, on a $4 gallon of gas, the total tax is 79.2 cents.

  • Philip Saenz

    Friends, have you logged on to and signed petition to “Drill Now, Drill Here, Pay Less”? If not, please do so. Almost one-half million have signed so far. Thanks

    On another matter: By now nearly the whole world knows that evil Muslims, with the wicked ideology of Islam, are at war with non Muslims. If you know the history of Islam, then, you know that Islam declared war with “infidels” almost 1,400 years ago.

    We’re doing well by defending ourselves against the Muslims. However, I don’t think this is enough. I sincerely believe we should go on the offensive. I thought that perhaps we could put up a huge sign on private perperty somewhere and site the hateful sura of the filthy Qur’an where it states that Christians and Jews are “pigs and apes.” We can start small and site only this bit of the filthy Qur’an, and see what happens. What do you think of this idea?

    I know that CAIR will scream to high heaven and accuse us of “hate” and much more bull sh…. Of course, we can counter that it is they, with all the seething hatred of raging evil Muslims, who have spewed hatred for us so-called infidels for the last 1,400 years until the present time. Even calling us non Muslims “infidels” is hatred on their part. It’s about time we put an end to Muslim seething hatred. So what do you think?

    Notice that I mentioned “evil Muslims.” You know as well as I do that not all “Muslims” are evil. Of course, the nice Muslims are not practicing their religion, and I’m glad. If they were, they, too, would be very evil. In reality, they are not real Muslims. They are simply nice people, who call themselves Muslim.

  • Jeff

    Haha, Philip, you are hilarious. I’m having a hard time figuring out what the hostile world takeover by the “evil Muslims” has to do with rising demand and prices of gasoline and oil.

    But getting to the point… some extent I think we should drill the oil off the Alaskan coast. We will have to at some point in the near future (next 50 years), but we need to be smarter about it than we’ve been in the past. And really all of this reinforces the necessity to figure out the alternative energy situation. Hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles need to be tweaked and perfected to make them affordable.

  • http://www, carolyne

    Well John McCain is a winning issue with me and Obama is a loser all around, so is PILL-O-see – she’s a PILL and ‘O say can we SEE’ she is a loser too. Out with all the double crossing Dems. Can’t stand any of the racist, sexist, bunch of “traitors for Obama team.” A disgrace, disgusting, and degrading. How bad can you get with this Michelle and BO! They are tops when it comes to crummy and commie.

  • Infidelesto
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