Iranian couple arrested, tortured for converting to Christianity

by Kal El on June 26, 2008 · 0 comments

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There is no compulsion in religion. Be a good dhimmi and repeat that to yourself over and over until you believe it. Or face arrest and torture, along with death threats. Tolerance as it is practiced by the regime in charge of Iran.


Officers seize Christians from their home, leaving ill 4-year-old girl unattended.

LOS ANGELES, June 25 (Compass Direct News) – Security police officials in Tehran this month tortured a newly converted couple and threatened to put their 4-year-old daughter in an institution after arresting them for holding Bible studies and attending a house church.

A Christian source in Iran said that 28-year-old Tina Rad was charged with “activities against the holy religion of Islam” for reading the Bible with Muslims in her home in east Tehran and trying to convert them. Officials charged her husband, 31-year-old Makan Arya, with “activities against national security” after seizing the couple from their home on June 3, forcing them to leave their 4-year-old daughter ill and unattended.

Authorities kept them in an unknown jail for four days, which left them badly bruised from beatings, with Rad “very ill” and unable to walk, said the source. Rad was released on bail of US$30,000 bail, and her husband was freed on payment of US$20,000.

“The next time there may also be an apostasy charge, if you don’t stop with your Jesus,” a female security police officer told Rad during interrogation, according to the source. Under Iran’s strict Islamic laws, Muslims who convert from Islam to another religion can be executed.

A draft law before the Iranian parliament would make the death penalty mandatory for “apostates” who leave Islam.

“They went to a court hearing just for show,” the source said, “as secret police had already taken their signatures by force with a statement that they had not changed their religion.”

The charges, however, are still open, said the source, a close friend of the couple.

The female security police official warned Rad that if she and her husband continued attending a house church and holding Bible studies, they could be imprisoned “for a very long time” and would lose their daughter, Odzhan Arya. An officer also told Rad that authorities could concoct a drug case against them, “and you will be punished as drug smugglers.”

A male security police official also threatened Rad, who along with her husband received Christ as savior about three months ago, the source said.

“He told Tina during the interrogation that if she doesn’t cooperate and tell some names and addresses, she won’t see her daughter for a long time,” the source said. “They said, ‘Next time if we catch you, you are going to miss your whole family forever.’”

An officer also told Arya that authorities could place his daughter “in a protected religious institution.”

The charge against Arya of “activities against national security” was based on his allowing Bible sessions with Muslims in his apartment and trying to go to the house church, the source said.

Confirmation from the couple’s denomination of their arrest and mistreatment was not immediately available.

I feel a great deal of pity for the Iranian people, living under the bootheel of Mahmoud I’mADamnNutjob and his mad mullah mafia. I feel a greater hostility towards the evil that is islam. If it were truly a peaceful and perfect religion, I sincerely doubt the mullahs would have to concoct false drug smuggling charges and order a death sentence for those who leave islam. Their reaction to the family converting is even further proof at the dementia suffered by muslims. Or perhaps dementia ENJOYED by muslims, seeing the number of muslim from all sects who are willing to blow themselves up in the hope that they get to bang 72 virgins in the after life.

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