Iraqi Christians forced to pay jizya tax, or die

by Kal El on June 28, 2008 · 18 comments

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Islam doing what it does best.

For Iraqi Christians, Money Bought Survival

MOSUL, Iraq — As priests do everywhere, Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho, the leader of the Chaldean Catholics in this ancient city, gathered alms at Sunday Mass. But for years the money, a crumpled pile of multicolored Iraqi dinars, went into an envelope and then into the hand of a man who had threatened to kill him and his entire congregation.

“What else could he do?” asked Ghazi Rahho, a cousin of the archbishop. “He tried to protect the Christian people.”

But American military officials now say that as security began to improve around Iraq last year, Archbishop Rahho, 65, stopped paying the protection money, one sliver of the frightening larger shadow of violence and persecution that has forced hundreds of thousands of Christians from Iraq. That decision, the officials say, may be why he was kidnapped in February.

Two weeks later, his body was found in a shallow grave outside Mosul, the biblical city of Nineveh.

Archbishop Rahho was among the highest-profile Iraqi Christians to die in the war. He was mourned by President Bush and Pope Benedict XVI before his role as a conduit for protection money paid by the Chaldean Christians to insurgents became known outside Iraq.

Again, nary a peep out of so-called moderate muslims and groups like CAIR and ISNA. Why? Well for the same reason they say nothing about the slaughter ongoing in Sudan. Muslims are killing infidels, as they are instructed to do by the quran.

Hat tip to the New York Times for actually publishing a story that doesn’t make islam look like the Joy Luck Club.

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  • Philip Saenz

    I’ve read enough of the Qur’an, Sunnah, and other historical documents of Islam to see that Allah isn’t the God of Love, i.e., the God of the Christians and Jews. Allah is another name for Satan. That’s why I conjoin the two names as Satan/Allah.

    I’ve learned that Satan/Allah is the god of rapists, the god of cruelty, the god of war, the god of liars, the god of pedophiles, the god of evil Muslims, the god of the pedophile Muhammad, the god of female gentital mutilations, the god of torture, the god of untimely deaths, and much destruction.

  • http://www, carolyne

    I do agree with that 100% . . .The one true God is our heavenly father and Christ Jesus is our saviour (Jesus Christ is not God) Jesus Christ is risen and sitting on the right hand of God. The little g – ‘god of the this world’ is the god that destroys. John 10:10 Why even read the Our’an, (Satan’s book) that is full of evil??? That book needs to be burned!!! I wouldn’t even touch it!

  • Philip Saenz

    I read the historical documents of Islam in order to understand the enemy. The more you know about an enemy, the more you will be able to understand their vulnerableness.

    Not too many years ago, I led an army against satanic jerks that were kidnapping little girls and little boys everyday. We were outnumbered 6,000 to 300. Because I knew the vulnerableness of the enemy, we destroyed almost all of them except for a scant few. Without my knowledge of the enemy, we would not have succeeded. So it’s good to understand your enemy before attacking them. If you understand their methods, you can stay ahead of them, and then destroy them. Very few of us died in this war while the satanic empire was utterly ruined. Like I said, only a scant few escaped.

    I cannot say where this war took place, or even when. But I can say that it wasn’t too many years ago.

    P.S. You don’t have to touch the filthy Qur’an to read it because you can read it on internet.
    P.P.S. I’m not here to argue theology. I’m here to destroy the insidious enemy called Islamists

  • Storm-Rider

    Ordinary moderate peaceful Muslims today are in the same position as ordinary moderate peaceful Germans in World War II. They either revolt and destroy the evil totalitarianism in their Islamic Sharia Law, and destroy the evil mass-murdering Islamic Jihadists, or they will be dominated by those evils.

    Ordinary Germans didn’t destroy Totalitarian Nazi Law, nor did they destroy the German equivalent of Islamic Jihad: the Gestapo and the S.S. The ordinary moderate Germans did not destroy the evil within their nation. Will ordinary Muslims be any different; will they destroy the evil within their religion?

  • http://www, carolyne

    Sounds Complicated! Takes someone a lot smarter than me to win over this evil, just grateful not to be near it. These people are so unbelievably evil. It would take a great deal of courage and knowledge to even attempt to come against this horrific Islamic Jihadists.

  • malik

    I guess you have never heard of history. Imperialism by western countries have systematically tried to dominate the Arab peoples throughout history. With the help of Jews imperialism is able to flourish. However the western countries still are racist towards the Jew as well. The Christian religion is very evil.

  • Rudy


    I am fully aware of history. I am fully aware of the muslim Berbers taking over 1 million Christians from Europe and the Americas and making them slaves. I am fully aware of the muslim invasion and occupation of Europe for nearly 800 years. I am fully aware of the muslim siege at Vienna in 1683. I am fully aware of the way islam gained its dominance through violence. With the help of Jews advances in medicine, technology and science are made. With the muslims we get to watch people blow themselves up in bus stations, subways, airplanes, train stations, and coffee shops. We get to see them complain of a lack of fuel and food in Gaza, but they never seem to run out of rockets to launch at malls and Israeli civilian homes.

    Calling the Christian religion evil is a pretty weak attack. Jesus never taught “slay the unbelievers” nor did he molest a 9 year old girl. He also did not make treaties then come back and violate them when he had amassed power.

  • Storm-Rider

    I’m afraid either you have not read enough about the history of Islam, or you are lying about the history of Islam.

    Countries now called Israel, Palestinian Territories, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Spain, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran were conquered by the Caliphs by Islamic Jihad during the seventh century. All except for Iran were Christian countries.

    During the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries the Byzantine Empire (now Turkey) and much of southeastern Europe was conquered by Islamic Jihad. All of these were Christian countries.

    Islam has been spread by coercion, subjugation, assassination, mass-murder and military conquest. We are wise to watch you very carefully. Your totalitarian, supremacist and murdering Islamic Sharia Law is evil, and so is your mass-murdering Islamic Jihad.



  • Heba


    First of all do u know what your saying?! You obviously dont cause your an idiot! Second what god do u believe in?! Cause Allah (not satan) is the god of peace and if you actually read the quran it tells us to be better people. okay?! So know what your saying before you say it. last of all people like you are mentioned in the quran about how people like you can be so ignorant and spread lies. But we are stronger…..obviously. and we deal with people like you… OKAY

  • Rudy

    Watch What Your Sayin,

    Your pathetic grammar and all caps kind of makes you look like a typical terror apologist. Iraq was not always a muslim country. Iraq has been around a lot longer than islam. As for alcohol, look up a little something called “the Eucharist”, “the blood of Christ”. And yes there are numerous muslims who say crap about Christians. Look at Hizballah’s rallies where they chant DEATH TO AMERICA (a nation FOUNDED in Judeo-CHRISTIAN values), or any imam who calls Christians and Jews pigs and apes, and incites muslims to kill infidels. My facts are in order, it is you who seems to be unable to handle truth when it is presented to you, given your innaccurate rant about alcohol and ignorance of the name allah. I have met plenty of muslims in Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan the UAE and Bahrain who drink just as much or more than any Christian or Jew, including me.


    Philip knows quite well what he is saying. Namecalling is typical of a terrorist supporter who has no valid logical defense for the truth. Your threat “But we are stronger…..obviously. and we deal with people like you… OKAY” pretty much makes everything he says look even more credible. You claim that allah is a god of peace, yet make veiled threats at dealing with Philip for spreading what you call lies, when he is in fact spreading truth, as it is seen in the actions of millions of muslims the world over.



    First of all, i have not got pathetic grammer, but when i see people like you making stupid comments that are so irrelevant,it just pisses me off. Because people like you should teach themselves before going around and spreading rumours. Several of my friends both at school and work, who happen to be jews and christians, read your message today, and are just ashamed of you and phillip really. Because first of all you have no data or resources to prove any of your “CRAP” is right. And as for drinking, i disagree with the fact that muslims for the listed countries drink. Again you have nothing to prove what your saying is correct. You simply are an ignorant person, who seriously needs to get their facts right!!!!!If your facts are in order than why do you consider Hizballah to be a muslim, he is a world- known terroist, and what your trying to do is link muslims with ignorant people like hizballah. I suggest you go back and do some real research !!!!!

  • Rudy + Phillip

    I hope the header got your attention, i am an American, and I am a Muslim, and i know what is posted on tv in America and i know the mind state of an average American, and most Americans right now are looking at the world like a football field, we’re on the bench. We don’t for a fact know what’s going on over there, we just know what somebody told us (the news and media) this thread i will not respond to, but it doesn’t make sense for you to accuse Islam for teaching hate, by in return hating Islam, Hate+Islam doesn’t make sense rationally or technically or by definition. But if you feel so strongly about hating Muslims. and we are killing so many Muslims and non-Muslims why don’t u stop insulting people’s beliefs and get off your computer and just go kill all Muslims, go head your justified in doing it right, you know Sept. 11th, suicide bombings and whatever and whatnot, every Muslim you see go head and call the police on them, or take matters in your own hands and kill them, if we are so evil, go head. But if you actually want to know why you actually Islam or hate Muslims first calm down, and stop doing things out of prejudice and out of hate, now i can give you a website that can probably answer your most common questions about Islam, but you have to want to learn on your own, at least so you can actually justify hating Muslims, instead of just saying you hate Muslims because of things you’ve heard of Muslims doing, it’s up to you, but if you are such a rightouess person you would actually take the time and actually study Islam with no prejudice, i’m not going to gurantee it is going to change your mind about Muslims, but knowledge is power, and i think you were see a bigger picture than you allowing yourself to see.

    Peace be with you

  • Rudy


    When defending your pathetic grammar, it helps to use correct SPELLING – plus, your name on the comment should be “WATCH WHAT YOU’RE SAYING” (YOUR indicates possession, i.e YOUR ARGUMENT IS WEAK, and YOU’RE is a contraction of YOU ARE, i.e YOU’RE/YOU ARE AN IMBECILE), you ignoramus, as well as punctuation. See that comma followed by a space before the next word? That would make your defense look a bit more credible. I could care less if your friends are ashamed of my message. Have any of them ever been in a muslim country?

    And your disagreeing with me about muslims in those countries drinking is truly irrelevant. I used to drink with my neighbor who is from Saudi, when I lived in Qatar. I got drunk in Beirut for New Year’s with several shia. Same in Jordan with people of all denominations. I dated a Syrian girl who is a sunni muslim, and she drinks beer.

    As for why I consider Hizbullah to be “a muslim”, there you go again with your lousy grammar. Hizbullah is a Shiite Militia, founded in 1982 during the Lebanese civil war, and literally, Hizbullah translates into “Party of god”. It is not one individual, but a group numbering in the tens of thousands. How do I know this? Because I DRIVE THROUGH THEIR NEIGHBORHOODS EVERYTIME I fly into Beirut. They are terrorists known worldwide because one of their jihadis drove a truck bomb into the Marine Barracks at the Beirut Airport in 1983. Those Marines were there with UN Authority, so no, they were not occupying Lebanon. Hizbullah also was implicated in the bombing of a Jewish Community Center in Argentina. Sayeed Hassan Nasrallah always saying “God willing, we will be victorious” is one reason I link Hizbullah to islam. The funding and training they receive from the Shiite regime in Iran is another. I could draw you a simple pictogram if this is too complicated for you. Can you even read Arabic? Or are you some dimwit convert who had a whitewashed watered down translation of the quran read to you that convinced you islam was a good religion?

    I have done plenty of real research. I live in the middle east, you nitwit. I was in Beirut when muslim terrorists calling themselves Fatah al-islam started shooting up Nahr el-Bared. I was in Lebanon last year when a bomb went off near a mall, and killed a little old lady. I was in Qatar in 2005 when a carbomb went off at a theater parking lot. I was across the street.

  • Rudy


    I do not watch American TV, most of it is garbage and anti-American propaganda, so that part of your argument is invalid. The reason I accuse islam of teaching hate is in the quran itself, in the hadith where muhammad slaughtered entire tribes, killed women and took slaves, raped and pillaged entire villages, and robbed caravans, and in the madrassahs where imams molest young boys and groom them to become suicide bombers in pakistan and afghanistan. Or perhaps the imams at the muttawa school in Riyadh who teach the muttawa to beat women who are out in public without being covered from head to toe in an abbaya. It happens, I have witnesses. I do not hate islam, I hate the evil it propagates and the hatred it incites in its followers, who commit acts of terror and then hide behind “religion” when they are called out for their barbaric acts. I also do not want to kill them all. If I did, that would make me no better than muslim Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who repeatedly calls for the destruction of Israel, or muslim Sayeed Hassan Nasrallah who leads rallies in Lebanon where people chant “DEATH TO AMERICA”, or muslim Beitullah Mahsoud who has called for using nukes on the West.

    What website can you give me that can teach me about islam? Is it a genuine website or is it one that practices al-taqiyya? I have read plenty about islam, on sites run by muslims who woke up and left islam, due to it’s inherently evil nature. Leave your link here, and I promise I will take a look. And for the record, I do not hate muslims for things I have heard of them doing. I hate the evil in islam that compels ignorant muslims to commit violent acts of terror on innocent civilians, including their “brother and sister” muslims. One of my closest friends when I lived in Qatar is from Saudi. He prays 5 times a day, but told me on several occasions that islam is a violent cult. And he is muslim.

    Peace be also with you

  • WWYS

    Rudy, okay no more arguments, please can you atleast mention the reasons behind you’re argument!!!! Why do you hate muslims so much, i have lived in the middle-east my whole life, and i have been to 7 different countries, as well as that, i have read the quran several of times, and yes i do speak arabic. My friends have been to the middle-east, and thats why they dont understand where you’re coming from!

  • Rudy

    I MENTIONED MY REASONS IN MY PREVIOUS COMMENT, which you ignored or do not comprehend. READ THE COMMENT before asking me to repeat myself. Your friends do not understand where I am coming from because they have not lived here and witnessed the events I have, or if they have they are blind or ignorant, or both. They do not have a loud speaker blaring 5 times a day a call to prayer where imams preach that infidels are unclean, that muslims must wage jihad to ensure that shariah will rule over the earth. I live next door to that.

    I do not hate muslims. Nowhere in my posts have I ever made the statement “I hate muslims.” I hate islamic doctrine. I hate evil jihadists who kill in the name of islamic doctrine. There is a difference. Or at least I hope there is. You tell me. I hate evil. I hate the brutality committed in the name of islam. I hate imams who molest children in madrassahs in Saudi, Pakistan, Yemen, and anywhere else. I hate Hugo Chavez who has his cronies shooting college students who protested his shutting down of an independent TV station.I hate the ideaology infesting the mind of the person who drove a bulldozer in Jerusalem and crush a mother who died pushing her infant out of the car before he crushed it with the bulldozer. I hate the leftist FARC terrorists who kidnapped and have held hostage over 700 people, 3 of whom are Americans who were recently freed by the Colombian military. I hate the muttawa who would not allow male firefighters in Saudi Arabia to enter a girls school that was on fire, to save the little girls, because the girls were not wearing an abbaya, and chose to let the girls burn to death. I hate the Sadrists in Iraq who shoot women for not covering their hair, or wearing jeans in public. I hate the LDS whackjob who married off children to 50 year old men in Texas and Utah. I hate the religious police in Iran who attack women for the same reasons as the Sadrists in Iraq and the muttawa in Saudi. I hate the man who kidnapped his stepdaughter in Vermont who’s dead body was recently found. Not all of the things I hate are associated with islam. But they all have one thing in common. Evil.

  • jennyjen

    Rudy, You impress me with your knowledge and I hate all that bullshit too! I think it’s because we are decent people who believe that you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Maybe its because we believe in the basic rights of man: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and to see a group of assholes shit all over those rights just infuriates me as I’m sure it does you! Islam is that group of assholes. Notice WWYS, I said Islam not Muslim so don’t get your panties in a wad!