Iraqi Sheikh offers to help in Afghanistan, take fight to al Qaeda

by Kal El on June 11, 2008 · 0 comments

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Yet another positive story from Iraq that you won’t hear about in the lamestream media.

Hero of Anbar Would Stir a Revolt in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON — The leader of the tribal confederation that has fought to expel Al Qaeda from most of Iraq’s Anbar province is offering his men to help gin up a rebellion against Osama bin Laden’s organization along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

In an interview, Sheik Ahmad al-Rishawi told The New York Sun that in April he prepared a 47-page study on Afghanistan and its tribes for the deputy chief of mission at the American embassy in Kabul, Christopher Dell. When asked if he would send military advisers to Afghanistan to assist American troops fighting there, he said: “I have no problem with this; if they ask me, I will do it.”

The success of the Anbari tribal rebellion known as the awakening spurred Multinational Forces Iraq to try to emulate the model throughout Iraq, including with the predominately Shiite tribes in the south of the country. Today, the tribe-based militias formed to protect Anbaris from Al Qaeda are forming a political alliance poised to unseat the confessional Sunni parties currently in parliament in the provincial elections scheduled for the fall and the federal ones scheduled for 2009.

Hell yeah to this brave warrior who has helped defeat al Qaeda in Iraq. It is heartening to see a muslim leader who wants to live peacefully in this world.

Read the rest inThe New York Sun.

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