Malaysian Islamists call for secular allies to enforce shariah law

by Kal El on June 16, 2008 · 4 comments

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Ahh the good old days of islam, when you could cut off a thief’s hand, and stone an adulterer to death. Oh wait, that’s today, if these lunatics get their way…

Malaysian Islamist leader wants a return to mutilation

A leader of Malaysia’s Islamist party wants its secular allies to apply strict Sharia law in the country.

The hardline Parti Islam se-Malaysia, which made strong gains in March elections, has enacted laws in five states to punish rapists and adulterers with stoning to death.

Thieves would have hands and arms cut off.

However, the country’s federal government has barred the party from enforcing the laws.

PAS and other opposition parties wrested control of five of Malaysia’s 13 states in the March election.

Half of Malaysia’s 26 million people are ethnic Malays, who are regarded as Muslims.

Sharia laws would not apply to non-Muslims.

Courtesy of the Irish Sun.

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  • Saul Wall

    “Sharia laws would not apply to non-Muslims.”

    At least, those who were lucky enough to be born as a non-Muslim. Otherwise, Sharia still owns your ass.

  • Philip Saenz

    The Malaysian Islamist leader who wants Shariah law in his country is an authentic Islamist, an authentic Muslim. Authentic Muslims have always been cruel from the inception of Islam. Never forget that they have never been able to evolve into complete human beings. That’s why I usually call them androids.

    Compassion is far from authentic Muslims’ convoluted minds. If I could convince authentic Muslims to abandon Satan/Allah, only then would they advance to a more enlightened plateau.

    The Muslim god, Satan/Allah, is the god of cruelty, the god of war, the god of whorism, the god of genital mutilations, the god of untimely deaths and destruction. Let’s hope Muslims abandon this SOB. If they do, there will be no more cruelty, i.e., no more Shariah Law.

  • Greg

    Isn’t it weird that their prophet muhammad was a robber, but muslims sharia says to cut the hands off of thieves? Hell, old muhammad would have had no hands AND no feet….

  • Philip Saenz

    Greg, and no genitalia. Don’t forget that pedophile Muhammad was also a rapist.