Maldives bans book on freedom of religion

by Kal El on June 22, 2008 · 2 comments

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Another muslim country does its best to clamp down on free speech and thought.

Supreme Council Bans Hassan Saeed’s Book

The government’s Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs has banned a book co-authored by former attorney general and presidential candidate Dr Hassan Saeed, Freedom Of Religion, Apostasy and Islam, on the grounds that it “violates Islamic principles”.

It is the first time the Council has banned a specific title since a short-lived bar on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 2005, which was retracted a week later.

The ban was requested by the Islamic Democratic Party (IDP), which has now called for Saeed to stand down as a presidential candidate – but denies its action was politically motivated.


According to a Wednesday press release from the Supreme Council, importing copies of Freedom Of Religion, Apostasy and Islam or possessing the book in the Maldives is now forbidden.

As well as “violating Islamic principles”, the book contains “phrases that may mislead the public”, according to the council. But it has not specified which parts of the book are at fault.

“If anyone sees the book in the country, please inform the Supreme Council,” the press release continues. “And if anybody has the book, please send your copy to the council without delay.”

The IDP had previously been told by vice president of the Supreme Council Sheikh Ahmed Farooq Mohamed that there were “no grounds for legal action” against the book as it is not sold or distributed in the country.

But a second application succeeded after the IDP argued its availability on the internet was grounds for a ban, according to IDP vice president Mohamed Hassan Manik.

The party is now calling for websites that show the text of the book to be blocked.

In addition to banning the book, they want to censor the internet. I guess when they say tolerance, they mean tolerance of their stupidity, tolerance of their terrorism, tolerance of their honor killings and tolerance of their 7th century barbarism.

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  • Philip Saenz

    An Islamist is practicing his “religion of peace” when he goes against an apostate: “If someone stops believing in Allah, kill him,” (al-Bukhari 9:84:57).

    Also: “Fight those who believe not Allah, nor the Last Day,” (Sura 9:29).

    If you keep up with the news, I’m sure you’ve seen authentic Muslims practicing their religion religiously every day. “Death to the infidels”! “Allahu Akbar”!!!

  • jen tha rednek

    Hitler banned books…here we go again, sigh..