Muslim gang takes on elderly Briton

by Kal El on June 20, 2008 · 4 comments

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In his own front yard no less. These cowardly animals know they are no match for someone their own size, nor a group equal in numbers so they pick in the elderly and children.


A 73 year old disabled pensioner was brutally attacked, outside his own home, and beaten by a young muslim man. The plucky Ray Mills had gone outside to see why a group of 10 teens were throwing stones at his home (clearly provoking him to do so) and to tell them to stop. Undoubtedly he is from a former British mindset where such requests might be met with a few retorts from the youths but not a life threatening beating.

Mr Mills, who normally uses crutches, was coldcocked from behind by one of the teens thus leaving him vulnerable to the heinous actions of a cowardly muslim youth who proceeded to beat the elderly man with a brick. Mr. Mills was beaten unconscious and was hospitalized for two days where he received brain scans. He suffered numerous contusions and abrasions and may also have damage to his vision from the merciless beating. All the youths fled when neighbours came to the elderly man’s assistance.

One cannot help but compare this incident to that of a 67 yr old man in Bradford who died (note the BBC’s typical “extensive coverage of the death) from injuries received also at the hand of muslim “youths“. Police believe “the pensioner became involved in a confrontation with a group of Asian youths and was then assaulted”. (Undoubtedly there are more such incidences of elderly being assaulted and harmed by muslim gangs or individuals but more often then not the media appear to purposely obscure the assailants identity – see above BBC for typical example.) At even more risk are British youngsters who also seem to be purposely marked for violence by muslim gangs. See hereherehere and here for a few recent examples.

Hat tip to The Opinionator for a great write up.

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  • Storm-Rider

    One of the main purposes of religion is to elevate people above the purely animal level of existence; to help people to love their neighbor as themselves; to help people become sons and daughters of God.

    Nazism, on the other hand, unabashedly and unapologetically drew people toward their brutal animal nature and away from their Godly nature.

    It is such a paradox to see aspects of a religion which, through its legal system of Sharia Law and its doctrine of jihad, is so similar to Nazi Germany.

  • Jeff

    “Street Jihad” the new fad in the UK by the people that we need too understand more and bring more of them into our lands in order to be politically correct.

    1: Stop all Muslim Immigration into our lands
    2: Ban the new construction of any more Mosques
    3: Destroy any and all Mosques being used as teaching jihadist material.
    4: Arrest all members of said Mosques put them on trial for sedition and treason.

  • Tonto (USA)

    Jeff, that stuff ain’t gunna happen. What UK really needs to do is restore the right of the people to own, and if necessary, to use guns in defence of their lives, homes and property. I’m sure that in the face of twin 12 guage barrels these little rag-heads would be highly motivated to “toddle off”. What ever happened to the ole English sport of “Paki-bashing”?

  • jen tha rednek

    “paki-bashing” LMAO! I love it….can we have an open season for these bastards? Yeah, a double-barreled shot gun is a major attitude adjuster and stops stupidity dead in its tracks! I couldn’t agree more with Tonto, if everyone in the UK had the ability to protect their homes with firearms these muslim assholes would lose their steam!