Muslim gang rapist achieves brand name recognition

by Kal El on June 20, 2008 · 4 comments

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But islam is the religion of peace, tolerance and compassion.  Well this guy and millions like him are doing their best to prove otherwise.

Skaf: ‘brand name’ for gang rapist

Convicted rapist Bilal Skaf claims his name is so synonymous with a Sydney gang sex crime he will never be able to get a fair trial.

And the 26-year-old is asking the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal to reduce his sentence, saying his victim – who was held at gunpoint and raped by up to 14 men – suffered no significant harm.

Skaf brought his case before the criminal appeals court for the third time today, asking for his latest conviction to again be quashed or his sentence cut.

He shot to notoriety after receiving a record 55-year sentence following three back-to-back gang rape trials.

Skaf again made headlines when the Court of Criminal Appeal quashed his conviction for an August 2000 pack rape at Gosling Park, in Sydney’s west.

The court ordered a retrial after it was discovered two jurors in the case travelled to the park in suburban Greenacre to conduct their own investigations.

The revelation prompted a state-wide crackdown on jurors, including tougher penalties for breaches of the Jury Act.

New laws were also passed allowing for the use of transcripts of victims’ evidence at any retrial instead of requiring them to testify again in person.
Skaf’s barrister Andrew Haesler SC said “unremitting” publicity had etched Skaf into the public imagination, making it impossible to find an impartial jury.

While I respect the law and always hope for an impartial jury, the audacity of this pig to say the girl he violated was not significantly harmed makes me wish more states had the death penalty. Especially for trash like this.

Read the rest in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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  • Philip Saenz

    Bilal Skaf deserves at least a life term in prison unless it was he who held the gun. In that case, he should get the death penalty. The other rapists should get at least 40 years each in prison. The young victim will always suffer. She should be given compensation coming out of the pockets of the animals who raped her.

    What the animal Skaf said made me furious. So animal Skaf, you will not “suffer any significant harm” when you go to prison. At least you won’t have a gun aimed at your head, and you will not be raped by any one.

  • Tonto (USA)

    I wonder sometimes if a sentance in prison isn’t real justice. I wouldn’t want to be in a jail with the animals there. It’s one thing to be in for DUI in a local lockup and quite another in a honest-to-gosh prison, like Brushy Mountain. An inmate in one of those is under the gun 24/7 just by being in close proximity with other animals like him. It ain’t play time. Hanging or a lead pill would be too merciful.

  • Rudy

    Philip, I disagree with you (for the first time haha) about life in prison. That would mean a taxpayer funded trip to the hoosegow. Unfair to the taxpayers. Animals that do those kind of things should be put down, they have no place in our society. Regardless of religion or cult. Although if he is imprisoned, he likely will be raped, just without a gun pointed at his head. Instead it will be a shiv pointed at his ribcage.

    Tonto, while I agree that full fledged, Federal PMITA (Pound Me In The Ass) prison is no picnic, I am against giving those guys a home for life, a weightroom, showers, education, medical care, meals, etc… at taxpayer expense. If they are going to be put to hard labor 16 hours a day with only meal and bathroom breaks than maybe, but even then I am still for capital punishment if you rape a woman, especially a child, as is so common in musim countries.

  • Muslims

    This is what Islam does to people!