Pakistan: Pro-Taliban chief ready to fight Americans

by Kal El on June 12, 2008 · 0 comments

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Yet another imam calling all Christians and Jews enemies. Meanwhile CAIR continues its cultural jihad in the US, and of course the leftist media continues to eat their daily dose of taqqiya like a good dhimmi should.

Islamabad, 11 June (AKI) – The leader of the pro-Taliban militants in Pakistan, Baitullah Mehsud, said on Wednesday that his group is ready to fight against Americans.

“We are ready to fight against the Americans and we are proud of the fact of that we are always their target,” said Mehsud in an interview with the Arabic satellite TV network Al Jazeera.

Mehsud was responding to a question about accusations of terrorism made by US president George W. Bush.

“As a principle, we consider all Christians and Jews to be enemies,” he said.

“We are strengthened by their threats and we feel proud that we are considered their enemies. Now we are ready and at any moment we can fight against them.”

Mehsud also commented on the US fear that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons could end up in the hands of the pro-Taliban militants.

“We have a weapon that is more powerful that the atomic one which is our suicide bombers.

“The problem with Pakistan is that it is not able to defend itself because it cannot assume a politically independent position.

“The military is not able to use atomic weapons to defend the country from abroad, and on the contrary uses the weapons in its possession against its own people and against Muslims,” he said.

“Instead Pakistan should defend its Muslims through the use of the atomic weapon.”

Yet Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has gone forward with “peace deals” to let the tribes police themselves.

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