Sad milestone for Turkey: 1,000 honor killings in 5 years

by Kal El on June 26, 2008 · 4 comments

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A sad day for women in Turkey. Turkey claims to be secular, but has obviously become more ‘islamic’ in the last few years.

The Prime Ministry’s Human Rights Directorate issued a report on “honor killings,” which contains discouraging findings, daily Radikal reported Friday.

In Istanbul, at least one person dies every week because of honor killings according to the report, which is the most comprehensive in its field. The number of murders committed for honor in the last five years has exceeded 1,000. The murderers are treated as heroes in prisons and they do not regret their crimes.

“The Report on Honor Killings” was presented by the president of the Prime Ministry’s Human Rights Directorate, professor Dr. Tahsin Fendo?lu, at a meeting called “Women and Participation: Problems and Solutions.” According to the report, the number of honor killings was 150 in 2002, while it rose to 220 in 2007. Occurrence of honor killings is inversely proportional with education levels. Not only women but also men fall victim to honor killings. Besides, around 9 percent of the murders are committed by children.

The report declares that metropolitan cities are leading crime scenes of honor killings. In the last five years, 167 people were murdered in Istanbul. Ankara followed with 144, ?zmir with 121, and Diyarbak?r with 69. The crimes were mostly perpetrated by people with origins in eastern Turkey. The report states that the number of honor killings in Istanbul increased to 53 in 2007 from 27 in 2006.

Story found in Stop Honour Killings.

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  • ERS

    Unfortunately, this figure appears to apply only to known and reported cases. For every one of those, there is probably at least another that is unreported or disguised as an accident or a suicide. The body counts don’t tell the full story.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

  • julius

    We use to have such demands on are women as well in the good ol days here,Love honor,obey,marrage vows from the past. now 50% and higher divorce rate,millons of are children in gangs,crime is rampant,wicca/satanic b.s. a growing religion in this country with 1,000,000. participants,the only time you here of honor is maybe from a Marine,His job is to kill during war,They the musilms target innocent women for honour killings,yes that is paethetic,but have you seeen how many prostitutes,porn stars,and wanabees there are here in the states,sad as well.Not to mention teenage births,abortions,Aids and Hiv.We just have a nice way of justifying evil through our”RIGHTS”. But thank God(ALLAH),we can chose our own fate with out,Sharia law ,condemming us all.

  • Kal-El


    We no longer demand those things of OUR women (not ARE). Speaking of satanic religion, what do you think islam is? Crime is rampant in muslim countries, look at all the honor killings (crime) suicide bombings (crime), child molestation (crime) human trafficking for prostitution (crime) for which muslim countries will not publish statistics.

    At least in the US people are free to choose to be pornographers and prostitutes, not sold into it at age 10, as I frequently observe here in the middle east. AIDS and HIV have increased 300% in the muslim world in the last 10 years, according to the UN. They justify their islamic jihad and madness through the quran and shariah. I really have to ask, what is your point? You type out long comments but say nothing. Sounds like taqiyya to me.

  • julius

    Kal -el ,My point is there is no fucking point! All acts of people,false religions,false prophets,whatever floats your boat , will be just History to be judged by GOD(ALLAH.) We as the infidel invaders of the middle east will just expose all the crimes to the world and free the just from the 1000,s of years of oppression.Will we win the war there,Who knows,Terrorist are here ,and must be stopped at all cost ,or civilization,modern will cease to exist.If you think I say nothing then 3 billion of the worlds people who agree with me are just plain wrong. I have lived under the communist and also seen how Muslims in this country dont assilmulate well with differing opions and beliefs,As an open minded free thinker/believer I am a representive of contemporary thought and philosphy based on my personal expieiences with alll the people of the world including some dear muslim friend whom Ive known from algiers to Turkey  and Canada,U.S.A. The muslim world is now suffering its own demise like us here.Its time we have a global effort of cooperation to solve the world problems,The U.N. are just pupetts of thier governments and realy only represent themselves,When the people rise up against the oppressors they wil pevail.We the Infiddels are the risers.