Shocka: Hamas violates cease fire; blames Israel

by Infidelesto on June 24, 2008 · 1 comment

Do you like this story?

It lasted a whole 5 days.  And of course it’s Israel’s fault.  Watch the UN spring into action and condemn the Jews.


Militants in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip fired at least two rockets into southern Israel on Tuesday, breaching a five-day-old cease-fire.

The attack came hours after Israeli troops killed two Palestinians in a West Bank raid. The victims included an Islamic Jihad commander. The militant group later claimed responsibility for firing the rockets, saying the attack was intended to avenge the Israeli operation.

The West Bank is not formally part of the Gaza truce. But the Israeli raid could be seen as violating the spirit of the cease-fire.

Here’s another quote from Islamic Jihad on the cease fire violation:

Yahoo News

Islamic Jihad, a small armed group backed by Syria and Iran, claimed responsibility for the rocket fire. Although the West Bank is not included in the truce, the group said the Nablus raid had soured the atmosphere of calm.

“We cannot keep our hands tied when this is happening to our brothers in the West Bank,” the militant group said.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said the rocket attack came because of “Israeli provocation this morning” and added that Hamas was “committed to the calm.” He said Hamas will talk with other factions and make sure they are committed, too.

and Ed Morrissey clarifies the MSM gaffe on who’s to blame:

Say what?  The Israelis didn’t attack Gaza, and they didn’t attack Hamas.  They continued to work against those who plot to kill Israelis, and Islamic Jihad — the third leg in the Palestinian Triangle Strategy — has no standing in the cease-fire.   How can MS-NBC “see” this as violating the “spirit” of the cease fire?

Hamas claimed Gaza as its territory and has responsibility for any actions that come out of the Strip.  They agreed to the cease fire for Gaza and now have to account for the actions of their partners.  If they can’t stop the missile attacks, then they have no standing to negotiate cease-fires at all.

More likely, this is the beginning of another Triangle Strategy play.  Two Palestinian parties agree to a cease-fire agreement with the Israelis, while the third continues their attacks and their operations.   When the Israelis respond, the other two claim that the Israelis broke their word and are the aggressors, and the cease-fire collapses.

Not even the Palestinians fall for this game any longer.  Unfortunately, MS-NBC is more gullible than most.

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  • Jeff

    Having a cease fire with subhuman scum like hamas is National Suicide. There is only one way to deal with hamas. One does not negotiate with people that live to die, for sex in heaven. They give them their wish.