Somali pirates starving Russian hostages

by Kal El on June 24, 2008 · 1 comment

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Yet they complain when terrorists are jailed and made to play naked twister.

Somalia: Pirates Deny Food for Russian Captives

The livelihood situation for Russian sailors on board a ship captured by pirates off Somalia’s coast last month is deteriorating sources said.

The captain of the German-owned Lehmann Timber ship was able to contact his family, and his father says the sailors have no food, no fresh water and no medical aid.

“The pirates are tired of waiting for a ransom from the ship owner. So they vent it on the crew members. The seamen have been lying without moving for days on end now,” says Vladimir Bartashev, captain’s father.

The ship, seized three weeks ago, could run out of fuel within two days.

Besides the fifteen-man crew from Russia, Ukraine, Estonia and Myanmar, there are about 25 pirates on board.

Reports suggest some of the pirates are constantly under the influence of drugs and they’re starting to squabble with each other.

The ship’s owner has reportedly collected money demanded by the pirates and is now looking into ways of delivering the ransom, as time is crucial to the success of the rescue operation.

Courtesy of All Africa.

What really pisses me off is that pirates in Africa kidnap people constantly, and the dumbass shipping agencies refuse to arm the ship’s crews to DEFEND THEMSELVES. These Somali pirates are no different than the jihadists in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza. When faced with armed opposition they die. So they pick on the defenseless.

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  • doug

    just like the “gun free” malls and schools and churches in america, making them “gun free” only serves to tell criminals “that could care less about gun laws” that these places are (easy targets as there is no opposition).
    if malls and schools and churches said “armed citizens are welcomed here”, criminals would avoid these places like the plague.
    if a town required all homes to be “armed to defend themselves”, then what criminal would be dumb enough to invade these homes!
    all predators (including humans) depend on the weak and defenseless to prey on first!
    “all victims of violent crime HAD one thing in common and that is, they were unarmed and unable to defend themselves” and therefore (voluntarily) made themselves into victims instead of victors!