UN showing its true anti-semitic, fascist colors

by Kal El on June 11, 2008 · 1 comment

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The pro-terrorist (islamic), anti-Israel bias at the UN continues. Why these appeasers have not been deported is beyond me.

UN-speakable hypocrisy

Fascism is alive and well right here in New York City. Home base is Conference Room 1 of United Nations headquarters, where the UN Committee on Non-governmental Organizations is now in session.

There are more than 3,000 non-governmental organizations, or NGOs, that are officially accredited by the UN’s central processing body. Representing a range of people and interests from around the globe, these groups can enter UN premises, get access to meetings and decision-makers and speak at UN bodies like the Human Rights Council.

Now, the UN is on a warpath against one particular NGO. It is poised tomorrow to revoke these basic access rights from the World Union of Progressive Judaism. Yes, the WUPJ – which represents more than 1.7 million reform, progressive, liberal and reconstructionist Jews all over the world – is about to have its privileges to attend and speak at UN events erased.

What was its sin? Daring to speak clearly against UN human rights hypocrisy.

Bureaucrats at the UN trace the problem back to a statement made by the WUPJ during a Jan. 24, 2008, session of the Human Rights Council. The meeting marked the fourth time the UN’s lead human rights body had convened an entire session to condemn Israel. That brought the total to four special sessions on Israel – compared with six sessions to address human rights in the other 191 UN member states.

As the council conducted its predetermined witch hunt, WUPJ representative David Littman made the mistake of referring to Hamas’ genocidal charter. He began three times, quoting the charter’s words that “Israel will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it,” and calling upon the council to invoke the Genocide Convention.

Each time, the council president interrupted and warned him to “focus on the issue.” Littman stood his ground: “The issue is what Hamas and the government in Gaza wishes to do to Israel.” Bang, bang, bang went the gavel. Stymied, Littman recalled his Shakespeare and said: “There is a general malaise in the air. A feeling that something is rotten in the state of this council.”

That was the last straw. Those words were “disrespectful” to the Human Rights Council, the diplomats from the Muslim world declared.

It is time to disband the UN, get all the terror apologists and/or supporters OUT of New York (Libya, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Nigeria, Egypt, and all those other bastions of freedom and human rights [/SARC]) and form a Union of Democratic Nations willing to combat terrorists and defend human rights. No more negotiations with terrorist sponsoring states (Iran, Syria, Gaza). Zero tolerance. You sponsor terrorists, you get bombed.

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  • Joe K

    It was time to take down the UN about 40 years ago. If you look back at all the US embassadors to the UN to the mid-60′s you’ll see that they all thought, in so many words, that the UN was a farce and completely biased. Look who its members are and the governments that control their countries.

    The US should have monthly conferences with representatives from other countries that share American ideals and philosophies. To continually subject ourselves and friends to globalized humiliation from fascist and authoritarian states is ridiculous. Our increasing need for oil and our desire to globalize production is turning America into a vassal state. Obama will only accelerate the fall of America – something the third world knows – which is also why they support his nomination.