Yemen gets its very own religious police

by Kal El on June 18, 2008 · 1 comment

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In Saudi Barbaria they are called the Muttawa. They are the enforcers of shariah in the most literal strict sense. To become a muttawa you have to be pretty much the dumbest, inbred, efftard and incapable of holding any other job (that is not my definition, but was told to me by a friend from Saudi. His father is Saudi, his mom American).

And not to be outdone, bearded vigilantes in Yemen have begun patrolling the streets of Aden ensuring everyone adheres to the Wahhabist interpretation of islam. It is one great big old “we can out muslim your country any day!” contests…

Stalking Yemen’s Streets: Self-Appointed Morals Police

SANAA, Yemen — Call them vice and virtue vigilantes: Even as Islamic scholars and lawmakers push Yemen to create a police unit to enforce religious standards, gangs of bearded men have appeared ad hoc to police public mores.

Nader Abdul Kadoos, a 50-year-old returning student, was set upon by one such street committee last month in the southern port city of Aden, in a confrontation that received broad attention in Yemen’s news media.

Kadoos’s apparent offense was to stroll out of the gates of Aden University after class in a group of male and female students.

About five bearded men pounced on the students, grabbing one woman by the hand to hold her while two other female students escaped in taxis, Kadoos recounted. The men slapped some of the male students. “Is this a lover’s lane?” the leader of the gang shouted, according to Kadoos.

More bearded men appeared from nowhere to upbraid the group, while some outraged passersby stopped to defend the mostly young men and women.

“Do you want us to wait until they start having sex in the street?” Kadoos recalled one of the bearded men shouting back at the crowd.

News reports of the incident in Aden came just after the country’s newspapers reported that conservatives led by Abdul Majid al-Zindani, a religious leader accused by the United States of funding and arming al-Qaeda, had called upon Yemen’s president to create official government bodies to promote virtue and prevent vice.

The rest of the story can be found in the Washington Post.

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  • Philip Saenz

    The Muslim Yemen vigilantes scream out, “what next, sex in the street,”? and other nonsense because all these hypocrites think about is sex, sex, sex. These vigilante Muslims are the same idiots, who think they’ll each receive a brothel of 72 virgins and/or 28 prepubescent pretty boys in their sick paradise. These Muslim lechers can’t handle sex in a normal way. These Muslims can’t control themselves. They’re lechers with a wild imagination. They are like wild animals that have gone amuck. These wild Muslims going around enforcing “religious” standards is only a smoke screen to hide their sick minds.

    You know as well as I know that no one will have sex in the middle of a street. Only a lecherous Muslim vigilante who is always thinking of sex would say that.