16 year old Jordanian kid murders sister in Honor killing

by Infidelesto on July 10, 2008 · 3 comments

Do you like this story?

Freaking barbaric culture.

But don’t mention Islam…

AMMAN: A 16-year-old boy has been charged with murdering his 23-year-old sister in an apparent “honour killing”, a judicial official said.

The unnamed suspect reportedly stabbed his sister 10 times in the heart on Wednesday in a village in the north-eastern governorate of Mafraq, said the official.“He has confessed to murdering his sister because she disappeared from home for a month with a boyfriend,” the official said. It was the seventh reported so-called “honour” killing this year, according to security officials.

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  • onelessmuslim

    I view this a little differently than most.  As far as I am concerned this means one less muslim womb left in the world to breed.

  • G-money 5000

    The only way that kid will have honor is if he kills himself and whoever taught him that this was the right thing.

  • anon

    Islam has no regard for human life, much less human rights, if it had, this crime would not be handed down from one generation to another. At the very least,  the  punishment would fit this worthless, brute’s crime, not honor it. The crime, daughter/ slaughter or filicide, is one of the most abominable on the face of this earth, the ultimate betrayal of everything that is natural and sacred. According to the ancient Greeks, there can be no redemption not in heavens or any where on this earth for  a crime of such gravity, against one’s own flesh and blood. Such is the enormity of the crime, that the perpetrators are cast out from the human realm for the whole of eternity. Unfortunately, as we know, it is now happening here in the West, mainly and exclusively among the Muslims. However, the perpetrators and the monsters  involved in such crimes should be deported  with the condition that they  never  return.