Arab newspaper defends bulldozer terrorist

by Infidelesto on July 6, 2008 · 0 comments

Do you like this story? doesn’t sugar coat anything.  They are, without any reservation, blaming the attack on Israeli aggression…

I would say I’m surprised, but that doesn’t describe it.  Despicably expected sounds like a better definition.  This sick and twisted logic in the justification of terrorism is all too common in the Arab world today.

Israelis killed a Palestinian youth for driving a bulldozer onto the midst of a crowd in the heart of west Jerusalem and killing three Israelis last week. But the reaction of the Western political leaders to the action of the Palestinian worker, one of over a million and half living in humiliation of the Israeli occupation, amounted to killing him and other Palestinians a thousand times.

While the Western leaders did not feel any compunction in condemning the poor building worker in the harshest words they could find in the dictionary, they did not have the guts to describe the incident as the natural and likely reaction of a human being put to indignities beyond his endurance powers.

Right, because there is full justification in terrorizing innocent civilians.  Israel DOES NOT TARGET INNOCENT PEOPLE.  The terrorists are themselves guilty for innocent people dying becuase they surround themselves with women and children as they lob rockets into southern Israel.

It is true that no Israeli civilian ever drove a bulldozer onto the midst of Palestinians on a crowded street. Why should they when their bombers and missiles can and do kill Palestinians in thousands in their homes and streets?

More ridiculous claims:

Over the past six months 365 Palestinians have been killed by Israel, most of them civilians, with children accounting for 50 percent.

And then identifies Israel as the true terrorists:

It is high time that we made a clear distinction between the acts of terror, particularly from a state that calls itself a democracy, and the acts springing from frustration, injustice and humiliation.

And this terrorist was a “human being too” so we should symapthize with his crazed lunacy

This Palestinian youth was a human being with normal feelings of pride and honor. He could not be blamed for losing his equanimity for a moment when he thought about the plight of his brothers and sisters who are being treated like dirt in the Gaza Strip and West Bank and put under a blockade denying them the most basic requirements of life.

The blockade wouldn’t be there if the terrorist government Hamas wasn’t put in power by your own people.  You act like the blockade exists just because Israel is evil and oppressive and fail to understand why the blockade is there in the first place.  DUH!

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