China Blocks Internet Sites for Foreign Journalists Covering Olympics

by Kal El on July 30, 2008 · 1 comment

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CENSOR CENSOR CENSOR – The mentality of the Chinese government, since they know

Olympic organizers are backtracking on another promise about coverage of the Beijing Games, keeping in place blocks on Internet sites in the Main Press Center and venues where reporters will work.

The blocked sites will make it difficult for journalists to retrieve information, particularly on political and human rights stories the government dislikes. On Tuesday, sites such as Amnesty International or any search for a site with Tibet in the address could not be opened at the Main Press Center, which will house about 5,000 print journalists when the games open Aug. 8.

“This type of censorship would have been unthinkable in Athens, but China seems to have more formalities,” said Mihai Mironica, a journalist with ProTV in Romania. “If journalists cannot fully access the Internet here, it will definitely be a problem.”

The censored Internet is the latest broken promise on press freedoms. In bidding for the games seven years ago, Chinese officials said the media would have “complete freedom to report.” And in April, Hein Verbruggen and Kevan Gosper — senior IOC members overseeing the games — said they’d received assurances from Chinese officials that Internet censorship would be lifted for journalists during the games.

China routinely blocks Internet access to its own citizens.

Gosper, however, issued a clarification Tuesday. He said the open Internet extended only to sites that related to “Olympic competitions.”

“My preoccupation and responsibility is to ensure that the games competitions are reported openly to the world,” Gosper said.

“The regulatory changes we negotiated with BOCOG and which required Chinese legislative changes were to do with reporting on the games,” Gosper added, using the acronym for the Olympic organizers. “This didn’t necessarily extend to free access and reporting on everything that relates to China.”

Read the rest of this latest assault on free speech in FOXNews.

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  • carolyne

    All atheist, racist (against whites, Jews, etc.) fascist, elitist, communist, socialist,  have freedom of speech but Christians, true Americans do not.  The American Flag burners, haters, you name it are free to say what they choose, when they choose, but normal true hard working Americans are always to blame for all that is wrong in the world today.  Since Iran has gotten so high and mighty things are Topsy turvy.  Iran needs to be put down a notch or two.  Same for Obama, he’s gotten awfully cocky, acting like he has already won, not so fast buster.  His insecurity is showing through his sarcasm.  You can feel the hate in his voice and smirk smile.  He says it’s because he doesn’t look like the other Presidents on America’s currency.  Just wait, that will be his next move, change the currency.  I said all that to say this: China is insecure or they wouldn’t want to block the foreign journalist. China is hiding their corruptness, and doesn’t want the world to really know how evil they are.  Animal abusers, that steal from the rain forest then sell illegally all kinds of birds, potions, bear bile, how terrible! (typical communist country)  China is a third world country that must be hell to live in, which is jealous of America, therefore keeping journalists out – the smog, plus God knows what else is kept quiet so they censor the Internet.  Looks like  China, Iran, Afghanistan, are partners in crime with Obama trying to make America the bad guy.  Well – everyone is wise to what is happening and it better not happen! We got their number.  I’m sorry the olympics are going to be there – what a shame!
    Is Obama going to attend so all the cameras will focus on him rather than the olympics? (typical narcissist person)