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by Kal El on July 23, 2008 · 8 comments

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All in the interest of political correctness, and not offending our ‘ally’ in Afghanistan.

Police rape of Afghan boys ignored
OTTAWA -Canadian soldiers in the main guard tower at forward operating base Wilson last summer winced when I asked about the sudden lineup of teenage boys along the mud walls of the neighbouring Afghan market.

“Wait a few minutes. You’ll see,” said one, his lip curling. “It’s disgusting.”

Sure enough, a handful of uniformed Afghan police officers emerged from their rundown detachment, walked through the barricades and started chatting up the dozen or so teens, some looking decidedly pre-teen.

A few minutes after they returned, the selected kids were waved through the main gates and went straight inside the police station. An hour later, when I left the observation post, the boys were still inside.

This evening ritual is often derided by soldiers as man-love Thursdays.

Afghan officials insist the notion of men and boys getting together the night before the Muslim holy day for sex is a myth. And, sure, it’s theoretically possible the cops were merely good-deed-doers giving these teens reading lessons.

But Canadian soldiers insisted we had just witnessed the regular Thursday evening negotiation for sex between Afghan men and boys, apparently for gifts or money.

It raises the disquieting question of how much responsibility Canadian soldiers shoulder, being military guests and all, to stop Afghan activity that would result in rape or child prostitution charges back home.

It should be stressed that the activity at FOB Wilson does not mean Afghan police and army officers are engaged in an epidemic of juvenile sodomy.

But the issue was given fresh legs last week by a military chaplain named Jean Johns, who reported that soldiers under treatment for posttraumatic stress syndrome had been told to “ignore” any assaults or rapes on Afghan civilians they had seen.

The Toronto Star also reports a Canadian soldier overheard an Afghan soldier abusing a young boy in late 2006 and later saw the victim with signs of rape trauma, specifically protrusions of his bowels and lower intestine.

More child rape in the name of islam. Hey, Muhammad did it, so why can’t they? After all Muhammad is the (in their primitive minds) perfect example of how a man should live.

Had I been that soldier, I would have probably lost my job for sending that pedophile piece of shit to hell.

Read the rest in the National Post.

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  • carolyne

    They are all a piece of shit and will be in hell forever.  They should be blown off the face of the earth.  Nothing is too bad for them before they are blown away.  Cut their atrophied balls off and stuff one down their throat and one up theirs Then knot their penis in a knot a week before shooting it off.  “Sudden Impact”
    I can’t stand to watch that Doctor stuff on TV my husband watches, too bloody but I sure as hell could watch those Islamics get their just deserves.  Wouldn’t bother me a bit.  However, vengeance is mine says God and they will burn forever in the lake of fire.  Not soon enough, IMO!

  • carolyne

    Islamic’s – Afghan’s all the same to me.  One equals the other – but to stay to post I should have said Afghans  – OH well just a gaffe like Obama makes almost everyday – all of them are Muslims IMO - including Obama and Osama  – put them in a sack and they’d all come out together!  Did I make the gaffe on purpose or because I was tired ?? - like Obama said his “Senate committee” to Israel and the boy was just tired, YEA right??  If Israel falls prey to that Big Lie – (Obama) – heaven help them and America.  By the way, just in case if any hispanics read IAC ?  they should not fall for Obama’s lies as well.  Richardson is a traitor – like the rest of them – including Pelosi, the Demorats and the Mafia Media – of which I have boycotted forever.  Islam, Afghan – Joe, Smo, who cares,  ALL an evil bunch of SOB”S.

  • Kal-El

    Carolyne, Don’t hold back now! Come on, tell us how you REALLY feel :P

  • jennyjen

    Carolyn, you are totally balls to the wall, your enthusiasm gives me hope! BTW, has anyone seen the coverage of Obama’s trip to the center of the conflict on the Daily Show, LMAO!!!! Stewart can be a little to liberal for me sometimes but the Obama coverage is hilarious!!
    Oh yeah Canadians, not too surprised at your “see no evil, hear no evil” stance on young boys getting raped!

  • carolyne

    I did my best thank you!  This is all a crying shame.  I feel so sorry for innocent children having to be put through this horrific evil.  How could anyone resort to such. Of course I guess I could not abuse the abuser in all ‘reality check’ but it would be good enough for them – ‘just words’ and “who says words don’t matter!LOL - but punishment should fit the crime.  No justice in this world, run by the little g ’god of this world, Satan’  but their judgment day of wrath is coming!  “It would be better if a mill stone be tied around their neck and they be thrown in the sea, than to harm one of God’s little ones.”  Famous Quote by and Famous Man – Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord who is risen and on the RIGHT Hand of God. 
    God Bless America in Christ.  I am grateful to be living in Amrica.

  • julius

    sodomizing children is nothing new, Nazis,John Wayne Gacy,Catholic Priests,They have and should be put to Death. In a Population of 1 billion muslims how many sodomize children compared to the rest of the world,Child explotation in India and Asia Im sure have a higher proportion,Since this is a Site about Anti Muslim sentement,we should stop and improve our own Morality in our “God(Allah) bless America.Good people bad people always was always will be.War with dictators,terrorist good,War against religion and belief systems debatable. So everyone who sodomizes children for what ever reason I hope and Pray they go to Hell,or be reincarnated as Sadam Hussein. Peace be with all the goood people of the earth and may god(allah) be with you all.

  • Kal-El


    The point of the article is that we are not allowed to stop muslims from doing this, because it will cause them to turn against us and re-join the Taliban. Trying to compare what islam sanctions as being halal in allah’s eyes with what we in the West condemn in no uncertain terms is a weak attempt at moral relativism. Proportion is irrelevant, because in EVERY muslim country, children and women are raped for fun. I know because I live in a muslim country. Have been in this hell for almost 5 years.
    In the United States we imprison and sometimes execute pedohpiles. In Afghanistan they are free to go about their business. I did not mention India in my writing because we do not have an epidemic of Hindu blowing themselves up in markets in Baghdad, blowing up subway tunnels and train stations, cars, airplanes and buildings. I am fully aware of the child exploitation in Asia. The Viet Cong saw no problem in sending small children into American Camps loaded with explosives. And don’t get me started on those filthy Junta animals in Myanmar.

  • jennyjen

    Props to Kal-El…Julius sounds like a tree-hugging liberal, thanks for straightening his ass out haha!!