Hezbollah Ready to terrorize UK if Iran Attacked.

by Infidelesto on July 13, 2008 · 7 comments

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I’ve been sayin this for months.  Iran will not so much retaliate to an attack militarily as they will through sleeper cells around the world that are ready and waiting for someone to attack Iran which gives them the go ahead to carry out their attacks.

 Hezbollah fighters could target Britain

Sunday Express

IRAN is poised to launch terror attacks in Britain if the West presses ahead with military strikes against its nuclear facilities, intelligence experts warned last night.

As tensions in the Middle East continued to grow, they warned that the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah had already established sleeper cells in Britain and mainland Europe tasked with carrying out bloody reprisals.

Likely UK targets include nuclear power stations, military bases, Government buildings and high-profile politicians and members of the Jewish community.

Richard Kemp, former adviser on terrorism to Tony Blair, said the difficulty of attacking Western and Israeli military targets directly meant Iran was likely to use its terror network to retaliate. Hezbollah, formed in Lebanon in the 1980s, has grown to become a major force in the Middle East.

He said: “In my view Iran’s only realistic method of retaliation is through Hezbollah.

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  • A.I

    It figures. The truly pathetic thing is that they’ll have plenty of people (muslim and socialist)  that will cover for them in the UK.

  • Ben Novick

    Should Iran attack US shipping in the gulf or, should any catastrophic terrorist or governmental event be launched by Iran, against the United States or, our allies, our nations’ military strategy is to hit Iran, Pakistan, Syria (and whomever else is involed) with 500- 800 nulcear air bursts within the first two hours of our attack. Our attack will also include several new weapons, the likes of which the world has never seen. This means that not a blade of grass will be left alive in these countries. No matter how badly they think they can hit the United States, they don’t understand our resolve against primitive radical islam and, our nuclear forces are poised to reduce the remaining enemy’s population for a more manigable post war environment. 

  • Tonto (USA)

    The islaminazis have been assuming, incorrectly, that the US will react in a wimpy Israeli manner if attacked.  Well, revise your thinking towel-head.  The US Army, Navy and Marines have made dead proof that they know how to kill hell out of mooks, and the USA ain’t afraid to, especially if they can keep the numbers of terrs we actually kill from the headlines of American lib media.  If the truth were to be known, the count is around 40:1 (advantage US). Attack the US and say bye bye to Tehran and get used to living in the stone age.  Hope they “open season” in Dearborn at the same time.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/JEWHAWK JEWHAWK

      Dear TONTO,the fact is that Israel couldn't do HALF of what was needed because it
      can't whitstand the huge backlash from the media,public opinion and even BOYCOTTS that would be
      waged mercilessly against the Jewish State.
      But the Americans CAN.

      American attacks in Afghanistan didn't receive a 1/10th of criticism of a similar Israeli attack on Gaza
      or Lebanon.I'm not complaining about Afghan civilian casualties,to HELL with them,but
      the media response is uneven.

      Israel is the MAIN TARGET of the LEFTIST MEDIA around the globe.The second place
      is taken by the Home of the Brave.

  • Rudy

    Simple solution, wipe Hezbollah out completely and utterly. It is doable, however it will be ugly since they are cowards who hide among children and women in Lebanon, as well as here in Dearborn, MI and the other areas they infest.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Tonto2 Tonto2

    Jewhawk, I'm with you and totally agree that much more restraint is put on Israel. That restraint is why Israels responses are wimpy compared to what they could do to those scumbags. Must frustrate the hell out of the poor folk that just want to have a peaceful life instead of putting up with arab crap. The question that arises is of where does restraint come from that has that kind of power? I'd really like to know if it was from well intentioned, but stupid libtard Jews, like from New York or Florida.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Tonto2 Tonto2

    Like , just where is that rein in coming from? I'd like it to be the law here in the US to be that I could step out in the street and bust a cap in a muz ass, just cause I felt "testy" and then, just have to pay for the clean up or something. But I've been restrained by laws written here in my country as a preference of the majority of us living here. I may not like it, but I will abide by the majority will and not violate the law. The Jews here, as you know, are very liberal and been that way forever. But, they are also a big percentage of support for Israel's security which sucks money like a sponge. Thoughts…tell me how you look at it.